Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Four days....

It took me four days to finish my book. Granted it was only about 340 pages, but still. There were a couple of nights where I stayed up reading until like 2 a.m. after the kids had gone to bed so that probably helped! First of all, WHO doesn't watch Oprah?? Gina??!!? LOL Just kidding :) :) I don't watch it regularly either...just when something good is going to be on. So for those of you who are wondering what this book is about, without giving anything away, it's about one woman's year long spiritual journey. I really loved it for lots of reasons. One being, that alot of the things she said or talked about, I could relate to in certain areas of my own life. Another being, that I just loved her witty and sarcastic humor. It was a really good read and I'm kind of sad that I'm done with it, but now I'm passing the book on to my sis. Hope she likes it! If anyone knows of any other good books, please share. With all my scrapping obsession...LOL, I forget how much I enjoy reading :) That's all for now :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

I am in LOVE!!!!

With this book!! I had been wanting to read it ever since I saw the Oprah show about the book a while back. I had made a mental note of it as one of the books I wanted to read. Yesterday, the kids and I were waiting for Miguel at Target while he went to donate blood and I found it. I picked it up read the first page or so and was immediately HOOKED! I was kind of weary about paying $12 for it since the last book I bought..."A New Earth" was a total BOMB!! And it "seemed" so interesting when I saw the Oprah show about that book too, but boy was I wrong! I know alot of ppl read it and raved about it and how it changed the way they saw certain things, but I did not like all....I felt like I was reading some book for school with alot of BIG words. Not that I don't understand big was boring did not hold my attention. ANYWAY...I am sooo loving this book. And the writer whose witty, sarcastic sense of humor reminds me of me. And while I'm on that subject, so many things I've read have just "hit home"...BIG time! I can TOTALLY relate. Some things she writes about describe things I've experienced or am experiencing right now to a "t" and that's kind of freaky and reassuring. Anyway, I'm like on page 90 or something and just can't put it down. I'm thinking I will probably finish reading it this week. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm at 70 now too!!

This makes 70 for me. TFL :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This makes 69 :)

Here are two new LOs. It's on now, Chon! LOL I was thinking of staying up ALL night last night and cranking out the LOs to catch up to my sis, but I fell asleep! LOL I worked on and off on one of these LOs yesterday and then I worked on the other here and there today. The second one is really simple, but I still really like it! They are both "lifts" from 2 Peas. TFL :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another LO

Here's a LO I did today. Me and Chon both "lifted" the same one. I love it when we do this because you can see how different our pages come out even though we both used the same original. I had been thinking that I wanted to do a page documenting how I always sing Mikey to sleep at night so that when he's older, he can remember that I did it :) So I found this pic of him when he was about a year old. I had a hard time finding good pics of him as a "baby" because I had a really sucky camera back then, but this pic was really good I think. So I'm posting pics of the original, my LO and my sis's just so you can see the differences. TFL :) Good night :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Day

Today was a good day :) We got to sleep in late...until about 9:30 and Miguel went and got some food from his parents store, so we all ate breakfast together. Chon came by and we left the older kids with Miguel who was outside cutting the lawn so that we could make a run to Michael's. There was a Martha Stewart punch I wanted to get...the scallop one, but they didn't have it :( Instead, I got some cool K & Co things and some MM stuff that was on clearance. After we got back home, we took the kids to go see "Space Chimps". It was a cute movie for the kids, but I wasn't too crazy about it. I liked "Kung Fu Panda" better. I can't wait for "Madagascar 2" to come out....LOOOOOVED the first one!! Afterwards we had dinner at Chili's. I had a strawberry daquiri that was SOOO yummy! I could have had like FIVE! LOL JK :) I can't even remember the last time I had an alcoholic drink...I am NOT a big drinker. And really, I could care less about the alcohol...I just LOVE the frozen fruit taste :) We did our grocery shopping after, then came home and Miguel and I finished watching "Vantage Point" while the kids played. It was a good day :) God is is good :) That's all for today...night :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Blog Award

My friend Janey was sweet enough to nominate my blog for a blog award! Thank you!! It's nice to know someone is reading it! LOL Now what I have to do is nominate 7 people, link them to my blog and leave comments for them to do the same. I hope I got that right! So, here goes:

Scrapbook 911

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Got Sketch # 63

This makes 66 LOs. I used a sketch for this one...from Got Sketch. They have so many cool ones! I think I'll be going there quite a bit for inspiration. I love the bright colors of this against the black. I used some old and some new stuff. I love mixing up brands! Anyway, TFL :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Haircut

So here it new "do". Still kind of the same as before...short, but this time I got some sort of bangs and the back which I haven't taken a pic of yet, is shorter...can't really explain it. The girl called it a "stacked bob". It's taking some getting used to because of how short it is in the back, but I like it. And it will grow out before I know it!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I {heart} stickers!

This was the loot I got today at HL! A couple of day ago when Lij and I went to the mall, I saw some new, cool stickers I wanted, but didn't want to pay full price. I was hoping stickers would go on sale this week and they did! Miguel was nice enough to drive me to Hobby Lobby and back this morning before he went to work...Thank you my baby :) I already knew what I wanted, so I just ran in and out. I just LOVE the 7 Gypsies stickers and they had some new ones, so I got those, along with some DB Hopscotch alphas in a couple of colors I didn't have. And these super cool American Crafts sticker matchbooks...loooove them!! I love having tons of alpha stickers to choose from. That's something I think I use alot on my LOs. Aside from that, I got some open stock white cardstock because I had ran out. TFL :) Oh, we all went and got haircuts yesterday. Except for Lij who REALLY needs one! I did something a little different with mine this time, but Miguel REALLY loved it! So that's all that matters :) Mikey did awesome with his and didn't cry at all, but sat very still and talked to the woman the whole time! I'll try to take some pics and post soon!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some 8x8s

Here are two LOs I did in the past couple of for my BOM and one for the book I started for Miguel. I really like the one I did for my book....used paint in ways I've never done and I liked it :) The journaling went all wonky and crooked :( but oh well!! I purposely cropped out most of the kids faces to get the point of my journaling across.
I took Lij with me to Hobby Lobby today...just us and we walked around there, the mall and Target then went to eat some Chinese. HL has a few new things I have my eye on. I hope there's a half off sale this week. Or at least on stickers and stamps. They got in some cooool AC Remarks matchbook sticker books, some new 7 Gypsies ones and some of the Doodlebug Hopscotch font. I can't get enough alpha stickers!! That's all for now!! TFL :) OH, almost's another picture of Mikey with his funky hair. This time he's impersonating the "old" Ryan Cabrera! LOL :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A LO for Miguel

I had bought and 8x8 album a while back because I wanted to use it to put just LOs about Miguel. Well, back when I got it, I did ONE LO and hadn't done anymore...LOL. So today I decided to do another. I was inspired by my friend Estee's LO of her hubby called "So You Know". So, I decided to jot down a few things about he knows :) I really like the way it turned out. Got to use some old stuff and some new :) Oh and here's a pic I took of Mikey in the shower with his "shampoo mohawk". He was SOOO loving it!! LOL TFL :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

This Makes 62

Just a quick LO I did tonight with those pics of Miguel with the boys that I just LOVED! I used my new Martha Stewart doily lace punch. Can't say that I'm crazy about her, but I sure do love that punch!! And I find that hers are so much easier to use than any of the Fiskars border punches I have. There's two more of her border punches that I think I want. I have two so far...the doily lace and one I think called Floral lace. I want the scallop and one that has triangles. Anyway, also used Prima papers and some of my new Prima Dude collection flowers. You probably can't see the title too well. At least the white mini alphas. It says "I live for little moments like this". Like in that Brad Paisley song. TFL :)

Some New LOs

Here are some new LOs I have done. Adriana and I went to scrap at 911 on Friday and had a great time. We pretty much had the classroom to ourselves. It was nice! I think we like it better during the day than the crops at night...just so much more quiet. I got these LOs done and I also did a "little" bit of shopping. SOOO lucky that I found the Prima Dude journaling book and sticky notes there because I had JUST been looking on ebay and almost bought them for WAY more...whew! Glad I didn't! Also got the Prima Dude flowers, some of that yummy Doodlebug polka dot papers and some Paper Frills, and some Sassafras Lass stickers. I think that was it. I didn't even hit my free $10 because there was really nothing else I wanted. I hadn't been shopping there since back in February. I missed all the good stuff :( :( Anyway, here are my LO's and a few pics I took on the Fourth of July of my three men :) We had a nice day that day. After I got home from scrapping, Miguel put some meat on the pit and we let the kids pop some "quiet" fireworks in the back yard! Then we watched from the windows inside while Miguel set off the louder ones! It was a good time :) TFL :)

P.S. LO count up to 61 :)