Monday, May 26, 2008

Here are pics of a little "about me" mini book I made for my friend Lori's birthday on Wednesday. Some of the pics came out blurry, but I can't retake them because I already mailed it off to her. I really hope she likes it! Not much else going on here. On the moving front, we spent the weekend at my mom's and today I spent the day cleaning and moving stuff around to make room for our things. Good news...I have half of the livingroom to make my own scrappy space!! YAY!! Happy about that! I'm going to start packing stuff up this week and moving stuff over to my mom's a little at a time. We should be out of here by the 7th or 8th of June. I'm looking forward to moving back in with my mom. I love living with her and have missed that for a while. Plus Mikey is just so attached to her and just loves her to pieces! He is really going to love seeing her EVERY day! I think that the positive things definately outweigh the negative about this whole move. I just wish the "moving" part was over already! That's all for now! :)