Thursday, January 3, 2008

I FINALLY painted my scraproom!!!

Yes, after only about a year and a half, I FINALLY bought some paint and did it! Oh HAPPY day! At least in one room, I don't have to stare at nasty white walls!! I started painting yesterday and finished up today. I started putting stuff back in its place in the evening after the paint had dried. It's still kind of stinky of paint fumes, but I'm so glad I'm finished! There's still stuff that I want to do. I'm going to change the curtains I have and get some really pretty white ones with a black toile print that I saw on an online store. I'm also getting this black media storage tower thing that my sis got at Wal Mart so alot of stuff is getting reorganized. I'm also re-covering the seats of my WM stools with a matching fabric...something in black and white. I also want to put white crown molding to try to cover up some of the little imperfections in my painting. It was really hard getting that part up by the ceiling right :( It looks good though and I just love the way the black stands off against the green color. And I'm just SOOO glad it's done!!! TFL :)