Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To all the mothers out there, I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love and family time! We won't be doing anything special that I know of. Lij is going to his dad's for the weekend and Miguel has to work, so I'll just be hanging out here at home with Mikey.

Tomorrow, I am going to scrap at Chon's house. The whole scrapping at 911 thing fell through because her van broke down, but at least I still get some kid free, scrap time and that's all that matters! So I guess that is my little "Mother's Day get away"...that's okay with me :)

Lij made me this cute little gift at school! I loved it! And even more when I saw that the flower was a PEN! It now has a home on top of one my tables in my scraproom! Mikey of course wanted it right away and had a huge hissy fit when I wouldn't give it to him! LOL

I also made these cute cards using nothing but Daisy D's scraps. One is for my mom and one is for Miguel's mom.

Well, that's all for now. LOTS of layouts to come soon!! Stay tuned! :)