Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I should be scrapping right now...

that's what I told my sister earlier while were on the computer IMing each other like we can't just talk on the phone. But if we were on the phone, we'd have to hold the phone with one hand and can't type one handed. This way we can talk AND surf the web...pure genius! lol Might I add, last year or the year before I bought myself and my sis a head set for the phone for that very free up our hands when we are talking to each other. Now we are free to roam about our homes, doing whatever we choose and still communicate :D Okay, I got off track...anyway, so I DID happen to scrap today. I always feel like that's what I "should" be doing. Of course after I've done all my cleaning "chores" and what not...I always feel like I need to be scrapping and whipping out pages to put a dent in my scrapbook supply stash. Even so, me and Chon are planning yet ANOTHER scrappy, shopping day o' fun on Friday. Seriously, we have no business shopping for scrap stuff. I think between us both...her more than me (ha, ha...I did it again...inside joke), we probably have enough stuff to open a small LSS! But again, I am off the subject. I scrapped a page today. And it was pretty much just spur of the moment. I was browsing a neighbors gallery on -- a woman who goes by the username Scrappy Daisy. I just LOVE her bright and fun. And I love that she uses all sorts of patterns and colors that you think wouldn't "go", but somehow, they just DO! And I was inspired to make this LO using another pic I just took of the kids this past weekend. I used some of the MM Chloe's Closet we got on our last shoppig excursion, and some BG Urban Prairie chip stickers, and some old MME paper. I really LOVE this page...REALLY :D

Oh, and I want to take note of this because I don't want to forget it. Earlier today, Mikey and I were sitting in the livingroom. I was at the computer and he was at the table behind me playing with his Play Doh. KLOVE was on the radio in the bathroom and we could both hear it. A song was just ending and at the end of the song, children are saying "God you reign". I forget what the song is called or who sings it. Anyway, so he asks me "Mommy, why are they saying "God, you reign? What does that mean?" And I said to him that they are saying it because God is King. And he says "King of all life and of my heart." And I said "That's right! How did you know that?" And he said, "Because Jesus told me." Okay, that just blew me away! Sap that I am, I wanted to start bawling! I am SO proud...I don't even know if proud is the word, but since I can't think of any other at the moment, I am so proud that at such a young age, my child is getting to know God. And I am humbled to think that I am playing a part in that. It is AMAZING!! :) Just had to record that for the future :)