Saturday, July 3, 2010

TOOO long...

My, my has it been TOO long! Our computer has gotten a virus and we have sadly been without internet access for over a month! I feel so disconnected from the outside world! lol Something was up with our router too which wasn't letting Lij log on with his laptop. Miguel must have spent about four hours on the phone last night w/AT&T getting all back up and running. We NEED to take our computer in to get fixed ASAP, but just haven't had the extra money with all the wedding stuff coming up. AND, we have added a new member to our family....a four legged one, and that was an extra expense we were not anticipating. His name is Max and I wish my computer was working so I could post a pic of him because he is just THE cutest!! He's part Lab and part who knows what! LOL We got him from some lady at the park about a month ago. She said a stray had the puppies under her house and she was giving them away...7 of them! Max immediately stole my heart with his cute little face and those EYES! He had the saddest little eyes! I could NOT walk away from that puppy! Poor thing was covered in fleas! We brought him home and bathed him about FIVE times with Dawn and literally picked them all off. It was GROSS! But I bet he felt so much better after. We took him in to the vet that weekend, got him checked out and put on a Wellness plan. He already got his 1st vaccine last weekend. He was a trooper and got a new chew toy for being so good :) Yes, he is a tad bit spoiled! I am amazed at how big he has gotten in the few short weeks we have had him and although he is a handful with house breaking him, he is SO worth it :)
Wedding plans are still coming the bridesmaids dresses, changed the reception location to a place we both just LOVE, working on some of the decorations....have to change the inserts in the invites to the new location....need to get my shoes still, my veil, my dress altered....lots done, but still LOTS more to do...I feel very unprepared with only two months away. I am leaving it in God's hands and I know that it will all come together.
I have done NO scrapping since my computer has been out! Wait, that's a lie....I did ONE page a couple of weeks ago at Chon's house and my scrap bag is still sitting unpacked under my scrap tables!
What else?? Can't think of anything else right off the top of my head. Hopefully, we will get our computer up and running really soon! Nighty! :)