Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So, today is a chill day for me...somewhat. Got my chores done early and got some laundry going, but other than that...not much that I HAVE to do today. I skipped the gym because I have really bad cramps, but it usually only lasts for a day. I should...SHOULD...be good to go for tomorrow. I did make it to the gym yesterday. As it turns out, I had kind of been going by the plan all wrong. I honestyly hadn't looked at it since Kim first gave it to me. And somewhere along the line, I just assumed that moving up to the next level was adding a minute to my running time AND adding a minute to my walking time, but I was wrong! I should have been adding a minute to my running time, but keeping my running time at one minute. Anyway, I had already moved up to running3mins/walking3mins, but I didn't think I'd be ready to catch my breath with just one minute of walking between. I remembered seeing another running plan online and looked that one over and decided that at this point, that one would probably suit me better. Soooo, yesterday I ran3mins/walked2mins, ran5mins/walked3mins X 2 and then added (2)run3/walk2 at the end. So I ran a total of 22 mins which makes me really happy. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, BUT I think it had alot to do with my pace. I think I was trying to run too fast and I was getting too out of breath. So I dropped my speed down from 5.1/5.2 to 4.8 and that made ALL. THE. DIFFERENCE. What I'm really going for right now is endurance I guess not time or speed. I want to be able to, say...run for like 30 minutes non stop....eventually of course. And to be able to do it on a regular basis and not just every now and then. So, then I guess what I need to be working on is building up my running time and not my speed. Anyway, so that is how that is going. And I'm still seeing a big difference in my body and the way my clothes is fitting. I had set aside some cargo type pants a few weeks back that were my next goal to fit into. I haven't worn these pants since we were living at our old house which was about FOUR years ago!! I know!! Well, I tried them on last week and they fit!! They are still a TEENY bit snug on my waist, but I'm sure that in the next couple of weeks, I WILL be wearing these pants!! YAY ME!! lol
On the scrapping side, I have been scrapping...here and there. I'm just not uploading my pages here nor on any online galleries anymore. Not sure why.....laziness maybe. Either way, I'm up to 16 pages for this year. I also started a kind of Project Life mini album using a cute little ring binder that I got at Michaels. It's actually a little address book, but they are super cute and awesome to use for mini books because of the rings inside. I also have a little ongoing album that I made a couple of months back to keep all of our GNO pics with our cousins in. I used those new Amy Tangerine Daybooks as inspiration and if you ask me, mine turned out just like them if not better :) I also made some for our cousins and I made one to give away as a prize on a scrapbook group that I have on Facebook.
Well, that's pretty much it for now. Just wanted to update to keep track of my LOs and gym stuff :)