Saturday, April 25, 2009


The beginning of, for Miguel that is...not me. Hey, when is MY vacation?? Who do I have to speak with to put in a date request? If someone knows, please forward that information to me :D
Today, was his first day off. We slept in late...until about 10 then headed out and surprised the kids with a trip to Sea World! Mikey had only been when he was about two and I know he probably didn't remember much about it. He was just SO over the top excited when Lij read the Sea World sign out loud! They both were. Miguel got us season passes so we will try to go as much as we can. It was a good day to go too. Not too hot and it was pretty much overcast all day so no blaring sun on our poor skin! Oh, and there was just an awesome breeze all day out there too. We saw three shows...The one with the dolphins, the sea lion one and of course the Shamu show. Mikey rode the kiddie roller coaster. Well, I rode with him. Lij didn't want to get on...I think he was scared..LOL I think Mikey got scared once we were on it too because it did take a quick turn on several parts, but I was like "whee, this is fun!" So, he didn't think much of it after that. It only went around the "track" twice though so the whole ride literally lasted about two minutes if that. I got both of the kids a Shamu beanbag and we all got Souveneir cups because it's only .99 to refill after you have the cup. But GEEZ, $32 for four cups! YIKES! That is just INSANE! But we all had a good time. Oh, and unfortunately...NO pics! Yes, you heard right. I took my camera, but did I ever mention that my kids HATE taking pics? Don't they know I need material for scrapping? Work with me people! Maybe I'll get some the next time we go. We had dinner at a nearby Mc Donald's on the way home and after baths, Mikey and Lij both knocked right out! My ankle was hurting quite a bit today..probably from all that walking and all those stairs at the shows. It only hurts going down the stairs, not going up.

I don't know what we have planned for tomorrow. We still need to shop for groceries and I want to get Lij's haircut, but other than that...I think we will just hang out at home.
Hey, is anyone else freaked out about this "swine flu"? I saw it on the news yesterday with Katie Couric and then read up on it some today on the computer. They say it has the potential to become a pandemic. Gee, like I really need something else to freak me out and make me worry. All we can do I guess, is try to take precautions and pray that it doesn't spread any more than it has.

Well, that's all for now. I "was" going to catch up on my blog reading, but I'm really tired so I think I'll hit the sack. I'm the only one up right now and although I enjoy my "quiet time", it's been a long day. Night everyone :)