Friday, August 29, 2008

Another LO

I was inspired by a LO on "The Story Matters" called "Home Is Where He Is". My LO looks nothing like hers, but I loved the title and the colors so this is my own version. I still need to do the journaling, but that will probably be kind of personal so I took the pic before. I believe this puts me at #84. I don't know if I'll get any more scrapping done over the weekend. Tomorrow is Miguel's day off and we will do our grocery shopping and running around. We had plans to take the kids to movies, but Lij decided to stay at his dad's. I talked to his dad and told him that since he asked him that he could stay this weekend, but every weekend after this, he is coming home whether he wants to or not. It's not up for discussion. Since I don't see him all week, I think it's important that he comes home for the weekend for family time since it's so limited right now. So, we will probably still take Mikey to see the movie and I want to go to Hobby Lobby to look for some more beads. I "might" go by M's because there are some specific color beads I want and the last time I was there, I noticed that they have a much bigger selection that Hobby Lobby. Other than that, we will just relax at home.
Just a note to myself...this afternoon, my mom was asleep on one of the couches in the livingroom and Mikey went and lay on top of her and fell asleep. I was cleaning up in the kitchen and when I was done, I came in and found him there. They looked so comfy and peaceful...made me sleepy so I took a nap too! LOL As I was laying there looking at them before I dozed off, I felt very blessed and thankful for having my mom and Mikey and this house even if it's not our nice, new house that we had to leave behind. That was just a house...and even though I loved all the space, I was always there alone with the one to talk to and Miguel was always at work. This feels more like home to me than that house ever did :) Just want to remember that moment.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Alot going on.....

Today, I took Mikey with me to Crossroads Mall. I usually take Lij with me for some alone time w/Mommy, but since he's with his dad, it was Mikey's turn. Chon met us at Hobby Lobby at the last minute. I got a few things that were on sale...mostly stickers and this cute owl stamp :) I took Mikey to see that big fountain they have outside there and this time I remembered my camera. I got some cute pictures of him! Oh, so some of the jewerly making stuff was half off at Hobby Lobby and since my mom also makes jewerly as a hobby and I had been wanting to make some bracelets, I decided to get myself a couple of bags of beads. Well...I think I found a new addiction! LOL Aside from scrapbooking because I would NEVER, EVER give that up. I told Miguel to hold onto his wallet! LOL I really love the things I made. I was able to make a necklace and five bracelets with the two bags of beads I got and they only cost $2 each. I think that's a pretty good deal because sometimes these kinds of things can be pretty pricey! I'm heading to a different Hobby Lobby on Saturday before we take the kids to the movies to see that 3D movie "Fly Me to the Moon" (or something like that), so I'm going to look for some different beads to make some other stuff. Oh, and I'm also posting two more LOs I finished. I need to journal on the picnic one. I think that puts me at #83. TFL :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

#81...I'm on FIRE!! LOL

Me and Chon had a "cyber crop" tonight...we used our Page Maps books and picked a sketch and we both did a LO using it. I like when we do that because our LOs always turn out looking TOTALLY different. I really like the way mine came out. It seemed to just "flow" and I didn't even have to think about what to put where...the ideas just kept coming. I love that I used old and new...and lots of different brands. I love mixing manufacturers. I like the bright, fun colors on Chon's. And it looks great against the black. Just wondering if I'm not the only one who wishes they could scrap all day?? LOL When the ideas come, I just wish I could scrap the days housework, no cooking...just scrapping :) Ahhh...I can dream can't I? Anyway, that's all for today...oh, Chon is STILL ahead of me...I think...she won't tell me how many she's's a conspiracy! LOL TFL :)


Woohooo...I'm at #80!! Did I catch you yet, sistah?? I think I did! Or did I?? I had started working on this LO last week , but was stuck on ideas for it. I seem to have a really hard time with making a LO with multiple pictures. I didn't want to use just one pic since I was using pics of Miguel and the kids at the petting zoo. Sometimes I like using more than one pic because I feel like I have just too many pages to do if I do them all with just one picture. Anyway, this was a somewhat "lift" off 2 Peas..just found it this morning. I really liked the color the black background with the bright colors. I'm pretty happy with the outcome and now..this page is done :) The other is the BOM page I had to journal on. I might try to do another later tonight. Right now, Mikey is playing his Blues Clues video game in the kitchen and my mom is napping. Not to say that my mom is the one who interrupts my scrapping..LOL I did my workout for today...2.1 miles in 32 minutes. When Miguel came home for lunch, he said that I looked like I was losing weight. Don't know that for a fact, but just hearing him say it, gives me some motivation :) That's all for now :)

#78 & #79

I did two pages yesterday...yay! The first one came together fairly easy and pretty quickly. It was a lift of my sis's "Color Me Happy" LO which I'm pretty sure she lifted from somewhere too (don't know where). I used a pic of this stuffed beanie type dog that Lij has had since he was very little. The poor thing is so dingy (I do wash him, but it just doesn't get clean!) and his stuffing is all gone, but how Elijah loves that little dog. He doesn't take it w/him everywhere like he used to when he was smaller, but he still sleep with it and I know it's because it's some kind of a security thing for him which I think is sweet :) I'll post pics of the second LO later because I still need to do the journaling. It's an 8x8 for my BOM so that one didn't take long and I "lifted" a LO from 2 Peas. I want to say it was from Jamie Water's gallery, but I could be wrong. I might have the name wrong and maybe it wasn't even her! LOL

This Saturday, we will be celebrating Lij's 10th birthday at Cracker Barell (he chose that restaurant). His dad and some of their family along with our family will be there.I'm glad we could all do this together instead of having two seperate "parties". I really want for us to all get along. I have a great relationship with Lij's we didn't always and I think that says alot for how far we have come because at one point, I couldn't stand to talk to him. I just need to develop some kind of a relationship with his wife which is Lij's step mom now. I know we'll get there..someday. After lunch there, we want to take Lij and maybe Gabby to Laser Quest. We went a couple of years back (without Lij) and it was tons of fun! I think the kids will love it!

On the work out front, I'm still getting on the treadmill every day. The not going so well! LOL I did excellent for the first week and then it was just too hard...I missed "real" food! LOL I let myself have something here and there because I don't want to deprive myself and then first chance I get, I'll just overdo it, but I am still sticking mostly to the no breads, sweets, ect. I don't know if I've lost any weight because Mikey broke our scale so we need to get a new one. But I do "feel" better and I do see "some" difference in the way my clothes fit. This week, I went back to running/walking instead of walking at an incline (resistance), but next week, I think I'll go back to resistance and alternate weekly. My legs were getting really sore from only walking uphill. Well, that's all for now....TFL :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


New Daisy Bucket papers...loooove bright and fun! I love these pics of Miguel and Mikey. This is the reason I carry my camera with me everywhere...I mean EVERYWHERE. To catch moments like this. Chon is at #79...I don't think I'll ever catch up! But it's a good motivator to keep scrapping! LOL TFL :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This makes 76

This puts me at 76 LOs for the year although this one is not for me. I had bought this really pretty frame a couple of weeks back with the intention of making a page and framing it for Miguel's good friend Juan. He is such a wonderful friend to Miguel and such a good influence and positive role model. He was the one who got Miguel into ACTS at church. His wife is a very sweet woman too. They are both such good generous....I just wanted to do something nice for them :) I really hope they like it. Right now, they are in Mexico hosting another ACTS retreat, but Juan should be back to work on Tuesday so I'm going to send it with Miguel.

I went by 911 last night. Miguel took me after church and I used my free $10 plus a little more. I got some of the new Pink Paislee stuff...LOVE their alpha stickers which I got in every color they had. Also got some Luxe papers, Daisy those...and the Kaisercraft papers I used for this page. I only spent $25...I think I got a good amount of stuff for it. Maybe I'll get some scrapping for myself done tomorrow since I did most of my cleaning today. The other day me and my sis went to M's and we both got the Page Maps book with a coupon, so maybe I'll get my mojo going again after looking through it more.

Tomorrow is Lij's first day of school. I am so sad that I am going to miss it :( I called him tonight before he was going to bed to tell him to have a good day and pay attention to the teacher and to be himself and make new friends...I almost cried! LOL I'm such a sap! I told his dad to be sure to take plenty of pics of him especially in his uniform. He told me had made his own lunch too...sniff, sniff...I am sure going to miss him..alot. I'm so used to being a part of his daily life and hearing all he did at school and things like that. I hope it will be harder for me that him. I'm a big girl..I can deal with it, but I want him to feel comfortable and like the school. I know that he's looking forward to spending more time at his dad's and I am 100% confident that he will be well taken care of there. It will just take some adjusting. Okay, enough of that before I cry! Here's a pic of the page I did and then the page in the frame...TFL :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some LO's and a cute pic

This makes 75 for me! I forget what my sis is at....76 going on 77 I think..not sure. Not sure how this became a "competition" either!! We had a little cyber crop last night and I did the LO of Mikey and Lij playing in their pools. The other, I worked on the day before. I just LOVE that pic of us I took at the park. I wish the kids had been looking up and had their eyes open, but I think that was the best they could do at the moment! Also, here's a pic I took of Miguel and Mikey on Sunday. We had gone to visit my Grandma at the nursing home and were in the truck waiting for my mom and aunt to get there (didn't know they were already there!). Mikey was sitting on Miguel's lap and I got this great pic that I can't wait to scrap. I wish Mikey didn't have all that sun on that one side of his face, but maybe I can edit that somehow. Anyway...oh, I'm "attempting" to own version of the Atkins diet...cuttting out carbs, but still eating fruits and veggies...I don't think I could NOT eat fruits and veggies, I'd die! LOL Today is my third day and it's still hard to not want to throw in the towel and eat some of those Golden Oreos with the chocolate cream in the middle that are just sitting in the kitchen taunting me!! I bought them on Sunday....the day BEFORE I decided I was going to diet! Although I did get to eat a WHOLE bunch of them that night so it wasn't a total waste. I want to diet and exercise faithfully for the next two months or so..until my birthday and see how much, if any, weight I can lose...inches are good too...something...anything....It's very frustrating...especially when we are going to go "out" somewhere and I have nothing to wear..or I "feel" like I have nothing to wear that fits me right or that I think I look "good" in. I know that Miguel loves me no matter what I look like so I think this is just more for myself. I want to look at myself in the mirror and feel good about myself. Even if I never get back down to a size I would like, to at least look in the mirror and truly feel happy with what I see...that is all I want. So any encourgement is definately welcomed :) Okay, well I have about 30 mins to kill before I go get on the treadmill. I want to get it out of the way early in case Miguel decides to come home early for lunch. Until later :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Title Change and End of Vaca :(

Okay, so you might notice that the title to my blog has I was just thinking how other people have really cute and cool blog names and decided to "spice it up" a bit! I thought this one was kind of funny so for stays :)
Miguel's vacation is officially over. It seemed to take SO long to get here and just FLEW by! I'm so glad we got to spend so much time together and we got to do things alone and with the kids, but sad that it gets me used to having him around and then I just miss him more when he's back at work and back to all those insane hours. Last night, we got to go to the movies without the kids and watched "The Dark Knight" which was REALLY good...LOVED it! I had originally wanted to watch "Step Brothers"...Will Farrell is HILARIOUS, but we missed our showing :(
Anyway, in honor of my baby who I love so very much....I decided to write a list of reasons why I love him so much (took the idea from Erin Jo's blog)

Reasons I love Miguel :)

1. The other day, we stopped at a fruit stand so he could buy a lemonade and he came back with a big cup of fresh canteloupe for me...and I didn't even ask for it :)
2. He took me to eat puffy tacos on Friday because I had been craving them after watching Bobby Flay Throwdown!
3. He brings me fruit from work because he knows how much I love it.
SIDENOTE: Why do the reasons listed so far all have to do with food?? Hmmm.....
4. He supports my scrapbooking obsession...I mean hobby!
5. He sleeps on the couch when he knows he's too tired and is going to snore or just so me and Mikey can have more room on the bed.
6. He lets me shower him with affection...when I know he secretly hates it!
7. He thinks I'm beautiful even though I'm not a size...well, you know what I mean..! LOL
8. He LOVES my cooking :)
9. He follows my crazy "clean" rules.
10. Because sometimes...he surprises me.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Some LOs and more family fun :)

On Wednesday, me and Adriana went to 911 to scrap. I ended up doing three LOs..that's all I had packed and got done pretty quickly too! I didn't buy that much stuff either...some Jenni Bowlin papers, one of the MM Halloween diecuts, a Scenic Route paper, a HS stamp, and 2 Melissa Frances ticket books. Only spent $15..I think that's a record! Miguel took the kids to Kiddie Park that day because Mikey had been saying he wanted to ride a roller coaster. I don't know WHERE he got that idea, but Miguel said he had FUN! Lij looked a little bored on some of the rides! LOL I guess it's geared more towards smaller kids. Here's some pics :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Time

Miguel has been on vaca since Saturday so we've been spending time as a family which we hardly EVER get to do. At least not this much time. On Saturday, to kick of his vaca, we went and ate at Cheesy Jane's....I really like it there. The kids got milkshakes or malts..whatever they are and they loved them! That night, Miguel and I left the kids with my mom and went to a Birthday Luau party for one of Miguel's ACTS brothers. That was really nice!! It was decorated really nice and Juan and his wife were there. We had a good time. On Sunday, we inflated some pools we had gotten the kids and let them splash around for a couple of hours while we sat out and watched them...and I took lots of pics! :) Yesterday, we took the kids to the zoo and had a nice picnic in the shade :) Which was very nice after walking around in the heat! The kids had a blast did we!! Today, we just hung around at home. I did my cleaning and got on the treadmill and we just did stuff inside. We got a bit of hard rain in the late afternoon. The kids were playing outside and Miguel was doing stuff in the yard when it just CAME down!! Crazy Mikey just RAN out into the rain and got all wet! Wish I'd had the camera with me!! Tomorrow, I'm going to 911 with Adriana...a little..and I do stress LITTLE vacation for me :) Here's some more pics of our family time :)