Thursday, August 21, 2008

#78 & #79

I did two pages yesterday...yay! The first one came together fairly easy and pretty quickly. It was a lift of my sis's "Color Me Happy" LO which I'm pretty sure she lifted from somewhere too (don't know where). I used a pic of this stuffed beanie type dog that Lij has had since he was very little. The poor thing is so dingy (I do wash him, but it just doesn't get clean!) and his stuffing is all gone, but how Elijah loves that little dog. He doesn't take it w/him everywhere like he used to when he was smaller, but he still sleep with it and I know it's because it's some kind of a security thing for him which I think is sweet :) I'll post pics of the second LO later because I still need to do the journaling. It's an 8x8 for my BOM so that one didn't take long and I "lifted" a LO from 2 Peas. I want to say it was from Jamie Water's gallery, but I could be wrong. I might have the name wrong and maybe it wasn't even her! LOL

This Saturday, we will be celebrating Lij's 10th birthday at Cracker Barell (he chose that restaurant). His dad and some of their family along with our family will be there.I'm glad we could all do this together instead of having two seperate "parties". I really want for us to all get along. I have a great relationship with Lij's we didn't always and I think that says alot for how far we have come because at one point, I couldn't stand to talk to him. I just need to develop some kind of a relationship with his wife which is Lij's step mom now. I know we'll get there..someday. After lunch there, we want to take Lij and maybe Gabby to Laser Quest. We went a couple of years back (without Lij) and it was tons of fun! I think the kids will love it!

On the work out front, I'm still getting on the treadmill every day. The not going so well! LOL I did excellent for the first week and then it was just too hard...I missed "real" food! LOL I let myself have something here and there because I don't want to deprive myself and then first chance I get, I'll just overdo it, but I am still sticking mostly to the no breads, sweets, ect. I don't know if I've lost any weight because Mikey broke our scale so we need to get a new one. But I do "feel" better and I do see "some" difference in the way my clothes fit. This week, I went back to running/walking instead of walking at an incline (resistance), but next week, I think I'll go back to resistance and alternate weekly. My legs were getting really sore from only walking uphill. Well, that's all for now....TFL :)


shopgirlaudi said...

Awww...good old Toby. Gotta love him. He looks all worn and LOVED...and a little tired:)...maybe a little hungry:)Very cute LO:)

Ginajam said...

That Toby is adorable! So is the layout!! Way to go on your treadmill...wish I could get back into, too!!