Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Valentines and a photo shoot

So, I haven't gotten to "scrap" like I wanted to, but I have worked on some Valentine cards! And I'm proud to say that I did NOT lift them! LOL :) I still need about three more to go.

I also did a little photo shoot with the kids yesterday and today. Mikey wasn't really cooperating yesterday, but I got some REALLY good shots of Lij. Today I was able to bribe Mikey and got some great pics of him with "Mr. Bear". I can't wait to scrap those!

Well, both kiddos are asleep. Mikey didn't nap today so he went out pretty much right away. Let's just hope he stays down for the night! Thinking of going to my scraproom for a little "quiet, mommy time". That's if I don't waste too much time sittting here! LOL We'll see!!