Thursday, October 25, 2007

I came across this picture today and it wow'd me and made me see that I HAVE lost inches and some pounds since I've been working out. I haven't lost any pounds in the last couple of months, but since I started running on the treadmill at the beginning of this year, I did drop 25 lbs. I wish I knew exactly how many inches I lost, but I didn't measure myself before I started. I think it's really obvious in my waist and stomache and yes, my boobs! LOL I just thought I'd post these two pics for fun. There is exactly one year between both pics. That first pic was our birthday last year and the second was taken today.

Another Year

Happy Birthday to US :) Yes, today I am 21...I am FINALLY legal!! LOL Okay, so I'm 36...yikes!! So glad I don't look it, but I sure do feel it sometimes. (Well, you look it...well, I feel it!! LOL Inside joke between me and my sis :) ) I got alot of scrappy stuff for my bday from Miguel and my sis. Got some neat AL stamps from HL that I wanted and some of my FAVORITE snacky, chocolate treats from my sistah...THANKS :) Miguel got me another stool for my scraproom so now my sis has one when she comes over :) He also got me some stuff at Scrapbook Heaven and gave me his credit card to shop at our last crop at 911 so I got lots of nice stuff! And just being alive and happy and so very blessed on this day and every day...well, that's the only gift I need :)
I made myself a chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting and ate some last night and a shared a piece w/Mikey a while ago along with some chocolate ice cream....mmmm....never too much chocolate!! LOL :)
I've been doing the usual stuff today...chores, cleaning up...haven't had the chance to do anything fun yet...except for update my blog. Maybe when and if Mikey takes a nap. Although, it's getting a little late...Lij will almost be home and I need to get on the treadmill. He will probably fall asleep WHILE I'm on the treadmill and then I won't get to scrap or anything :( Update on Mikey....he's feeling better..almost done with his antibiotics, but more importantly....OFF of the bottle for good!! YAY!!! He hasn't had one since last Thursday! He will ask for one and when I won't give it to him, he WILL whine for a bit, but nothing like I thought he's bearable and he soon forgets about it and just ends up taking his nap ALL alone!! Forgot about that too. No more having to sit or lay with him to make him fall asleep. I guess it's easier at night to do the whole "no bottle" thing because I'm also laying with him to go to bed too so he just lays down and falls asleep. we just have to get him out of diapers and out of our bed!!
Speaking he comes now!! Write more later :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Okay, so last week I decided that I had to step up my treadmill time because of the whole not seeing a drop in the scale thing so for the last four days, instead of doing 30 minutes, I have been going a whole hour. Which BTW, kicked my butt the first couple of days! Anyway, yesterday I ran the first 12 minutes straight and that was ONE MILE!! I ran a WHOLE MILE without stopping which to me is a BIG thing! I am sooo happy! I wasn't even as tired as I thought I'd be! And that puts me so close to my goal which was to run a whole mile straight in 10 minutes. I just need to take two minutes off of my time..yay!! I've been averaging about 4.3 miles in an hour and burning around 650 calories as opposed to like 320 or so, so I am HOPING that I see SOME drop in pounds! Even if I don't...the inches are still coming off and I am LOVING my legs!! Anyway, here are a couple of LOs I did yesterday and today. And I thought of them both all by myself which doesn't happen often!! LOL TFL :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Some LOs from Crop Night

I have been really lazy to get on here and upload my LOs from crop night! LOL So here they are! Not much else has been going on here. Mikey had been running a fever and we took him in to the doc on Saturday and he had both ears infected :( It's because of his allergies. Poor thing! But he's on meds now and back to his old self. Well, he was never really NOT himself which is hard in telling if he's sick or not...but either way. I'm STILL running on the treadmill. I know I hadn't talked about that in a while,but I've still been at it EVERY day! Unfortunately I have not lost ONE pound, but I've seen a drastic change in my body and the way my clothes fits so I guess that's good. It would still be nice to see a drop in the scale. It's a bit discouraging especially since I had been dieting too for about three weeks, but I am NOT giving up!! I think I owe it to myself. What else?? Can't think of anything else right now.

Oh, I think we may have gotten Mikey off the bottle...FINALLY! These days he'd been running a fever and throwing up his milk because of it, we stopped giving it to him so he wouldn't throw up. We gave him juice in his sip cup, but he didn't want that either. So he'd end up just falling asleep without anything. So last night, he didn't even ask for it and just went to bed by himself. STILL in OUR bed though. And just a while ago, I was going ds to check on him and he is taking his nap on the couch!! He didn't even come ask me for anything!! Happy Day!! LOL Let's keep our fingers crossed!! Now all we have to do is get him sleeping in his bed and then the whole potty training thing! ~SIGH~ Baby steps I guess!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A quick LO

Just a quick LO I did today while packing up for Saturday's crop. Love that Reminisce paper..wish I'd gotten more. Got to use my Zigs to color in the flourish stamps. TFL :)

WHERE have I been????

Okay, someone tell me I'm not totally late in finding this thing! I was at Scrapbook Heaven yesterday to get these cool, new Autumn Leaves frames stamps because 911 doesn't have them or maybe they did and they just don't have them anymore. Either way, I normally don't shop there at all anymore, but I really wanted these stamps. So, I came across this Fiskars border punch thing and was looking at the back wondering if I could use it to make a decorative edge on my papers kind of like the scalloped edge papers, you know? So, they have two different kinds and I take both so that I can ask the girl at the front if she knows if this will work the way I want it to. So, I ask her and she says no because something about the paper having to go in this side and not being able to turn it around ect, ect...I'm a visual person so just looking at the packaging, I couldn't understand how it was used. I decided to get it anyway, because I thought it would still make a really pretty border on my paper even if the edge was straight. So, after I do all my stuff at home last night and Mikey is in bed, I decide to go into my scraproom to play with this thing and see what it can do. Well, I just about nearly fell out of my chair!! LOL It does EXACTLY what I want it to do!! It is literally the coolest scrapbooking thing I have so far!! LOL I ran downstairs and told Miguel the whole story about the girl in the store and how I wanted it to cut the paper, ect, ect and bless his heart he just sat there and looked at me and listened (he's the BEST!). Now, I want the other one too and maybe more if there are different borders. I know I have seen these at Wal Mart and Hobby Lobby before and maybe even Target, but never really knew what they could do or what they were used for! OMG..I wonder if when punches go half off at HL, if those would count too?? I am SOOOO there when they do!! LOL

BTW, I just want to say that shopping at Scrapbook Heaven yesterday made me realize how much I love Scrapbook 911. Sure, it's a nice big store...well, it looks bigger to me than 911, but the selection is not as great and the workers there almost NEVER know what you are talking about when you ask them about a specific paper or product. The people at 911 are just so friendly and helpful and KNOWLEDGEABLE about the stuff they sell. You can aske anyone...Mimi, Michelle, even Mike and they will know just what you are talking about. I love that! So other than the occassional visit to Scrapbook Heaven for something 911 might not have, I choose Scrapbook 911 for all my scrappy fixes!! LOL I should do a commercial huh?? LOL
OH, here's some pics of what this cool punch can do :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Even More Scrapping Done

Here are a couple more LOs I have done in the past couple of days. The first one with the pic of Mikey is a scraplift of Starlilly_star's "My Only Sunshine" LO on She has the neatest LO's next to Thecircleguru which is who I scraplifted the second one from. That was inspired by her "Summertime" LO. On both LOs, I used transparencies, my acrylic stamps and Stazon ink to make the sticker looking embellies. I am LOVING the look of that! The first time I did it was on the LO with the pic of Mikey and the butterfly and now I am just doing that everywhere!! LOL Anyway, thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Some New LOs

I just wanted to post some pics of a couple of my new LOs. I am really loving MME lately and that whole kind of "vintage" look. Funny how my style changes from time to time! I used my new Heidi Swapp clocks stamps I got from SB 911 on the first LO. And on the know those Jenni Bowling bingo cards? Well, I used my Hallmark Studio card making software to make my own version of them and I have to say, it came out pretty good! I have ordered some of the real ones though and can't wait to get them! I like the idea of making my own though and being able to change the colors and the font as well as use whatever word I want. Okay, it's late and I'm REALLY sleepy...I'm out for the night :)

OOPS...forgot about these other two LOs I did a few days ago. The friends one, I framed and is hanging in my sb room.