Thursday, October 11, 2007

WHERE have I been????

Okay, someone tell me I'm not totally late in finding this thing! I was at Scrapbook Heaven yesterday to get these cool, new Autumn Leaves frames stamps because 911 doesn't have them or maybe they did and they just don't have them anymore. Either way, I normally don't shop there at all anymore, but I really wanted these stamps. So, I came across this Fiskars border punch thing and was looking at the back wondering if I could use it to make a decorative edge on my papers kind of like the scalloped edge papers, you know? So, they have two different kinds and I take both so that I can ask the girl at the front if she knows if this will work the way I want it to. So, I ask her and she says no because something about the paper having to go in this side and not being able to turn it around ect, ect...I'm a visual person so just looking at the packaging, I couldn't understand how it was used. I decided to get it anyway, because I thought it would still make a really pretty border on my paper even if the edge was straight. So, after I do all my stuff at home last night and Mikey is in bed, I decide to go into my scraproom to play with this thing and see what it can do. Well, I just about nearly fell out of my chair!! LOL It does EXACTLY what I want it to do!! It is literally the coolest scrapbooking thing I have so far!! LOL I ran downstairs and told Miguel the whole story about the girl in the store and how I wanted it to cut the paper, ect, ect and bless his heart he just sat there and looked at me and listened (he's the BEST!). Now, I want the other one too and maybe more if there are different borders. I know I have seen these at Wal Mart and Hobby Lobby before and maybe even Target, but never really knew what they could do or what they were used for! OMG..I wonder if when punches go half off at HL, if those would count too?? I am SOOOO there when they do!! LOL

BTW, I just want to say that shopping at Scrapbook Heaven yesterday made me realize how much I love Scrapbook 911. Sure, it's a nice big store...well, it looks bigger to me than 911, but the selection is not as great and the workers there almost NEVER know what you are talking about when you ask them about a specific paper or product. The people at 911 are just so friendly and helpful and KNOWLEDGEABLE about the stuff they sell. You can aske anyone...Mimi, Michelle, even Mike and they will know just what you are talking about. I love that! So other than the occassional visit to Scrapbook Heaven for something 911 might not have, I choose Scrapbook 911 for all my scrappy fixes!! LOL I should do a commercial huh?? LOL
OH, here's some pics of what this cool punch can do :)


GINAJAM said...


You scored big time!! I love that punch...I think I saw that on a layout a while ago, but never knew what she used to get the look! I love that look. Just might have to find one myself!!

It's nice to hear that you love 911 so much. You should do a commercial!!

Hope you have a great time this weekend cropping. Wish I could come!!

shopgirlaudi said...

Ooo, wait until you see the ones I picked up today at M's for 40%off. You're gonna freak. There was one for I wanted, but I refrained. Maybe I'll go back later in the week;) They didn't have the lace on though. I wanted that one too.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

this is awesome, see now i have to wait like FOREVER to get this down here. but i am so going to get this punch