Thursday, December 4, 2008

YAY! I did some scrapping today :)

I was thinking of an idea for a LO last night while I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep. Last night was a treat...I got to sleep in our bed last night with Mikey instead of the very uncomfortable couch. Well, it's not uncomfortable, but three nights in a row of sleeping there is enough for me. I still propped my leg up on a pillow and it was fine. I did wake up around four a.m. in pain. I don't know if maybe I moved it around while I was asleep and hurt it, but I took some ibuprofen and went back to sleep. Anyway, getting back to the LO. I had the idea for it and it turned out just as I had pictured it. Still 8.5x11. I just LOVE those AC puffy thickers and see the cute little puffy owl sticker? Love it too! Got it at M's. My ankle is feeling alot better. Better enough that I can "rest" my foot flat on the floor or on the edge of my stool when I sit here. At first, I couldn't even touch it to anything without it hurting. I still can't step on it or put any weight on it...I've tried! Not my whole weight, but I was trying to just "lean" on it a bit and it hurt so I guess I'm not ready for that steps I guess. But I'm getting there...yay. Hopefully by next weekend, I can walk on it even if I have to limp. As long as I can lose the crutches. We won't be going anywhere or doing anything this weekend other than hanging out at home since I can't move. So hopefully by next weekend, I can get out somewhere. I don't think I can go TWO weekends without going somewhere...I'll go stir crazy! Okay,that's all for now :)