Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let Him Eat Cake!

We got Mikey a small cake for he'd have something to make his day special. Miguel got him a train set that he was going to give him and set up for him later today. It just dawned on me, that Mikey doesn't know that we are "celebrating" his birthday on Saturday. So knowing that it's his birthday, he didn't even ask for any presents!! How sweet is that!?! He was just happy with his little cake and that we sang to him :) Oh, my sweet baby!! We also got him a Click Start computer. I think that's what it's called. I got him some extra cartridges for it too, but those are for Christmas. I think it already comes with one. It's really hard shopping for Mikey. Anyone who knows him, knows that he will never play with a toy the way it is intended. And he will find ways to break ANYTHING. So, this was something I thought he'd like and hopefully use. I can play with him and get him started on some of the things he'll be needing to know for school. Anyway, here are some pics I got of Mikey with his cake. I really love the ones with the candles on the cake. And the ones of him eating the cake are just so funny!!

Happy Birthday

To my baby, Mikey! Four years ago today, my life was turned upside down. Mikey has been challenging since he was just a tiny baby. I remember how much he would cry because he absolutely hated bathing or having his face cleaned or his clothes changed, ect,, he did not like to be messed with. Which is funny because he's still like that to this day! Well, he's eased up...just a bit. He's my little drama maker, he's a tornado of energy, he's a smart and silly boy. He's also my snuggly boy who showers me with tons of hugs and kisses...TONS! He loves to be outside...doesn't matter if it's freezing cold or unbearably hot...he's definately an outdoor person..which I am not. He loves Nick Jr. and drawing and building things with his K'nex or his building blocks...he's very creative. Just like Elijah, he's mommy's boy :) Happy Birthday my little monkey! Mommy loves you so, so very much :)