Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A page

Finally, finally scrapped a page! WHEW! That was a long stretch there! And I have to say that it didn't come easily at first. In fact, I started a whole different way, didn't like the page AT ALL and tore it up! lol Yep, I tore it up! I love this a whole lot more. Also included a whole lot of journaling which was to me, the most important part of this page since it talks about how Miguel proposed to me. I wanted to get this page done soon while it was all still fresh in my mind. The journaling is hidden in that tag peeking out from behind the pic.
SO.....still making wedding plans and sadly....haven't hit the gym like I wanted to yet! I know, I know! Not watching what I eat either! I'm stressing out and in turn stress eating! Thankfully, haven't put on one pound, but haven't lost anything either. I need, need, NEED to get back to the gym. If not to lose weight, to at least stay in shape and to destress. We picked a photographer. Miguel and I really love his work. It was actually a toss up between him (Mark) and another guy (Mario), but Mark ended up matching the quote that Mario gave us and we did love his work more than the other, so YAY for us getting Mark! We are meeting up with him this coming Sunday, God willing...to look over the agreement and his portfolio and put down our deposit. Um, what else...oh yeah, I ordered my dress yesterday and it already shipped out today! I should get it in a week or so! SO super excited about that! I am just DYING to try it on! I bought it online at David's Bridal.com, but had gone in to the actual store weeks back to try on a similar dress to figure out my size. I had two dresses in mind, and had decided to go with a white one instead of my original choice, but just my luck, they were sold out of my size :( I'm going to go with my gut and say that the dress I ordered is "the one" because even though I loved other dresses, I kept coming back to this one. I found a really pretty pearl and crystal headband on Ebay that I think will look PERFECT with my dress, so I need to order that too. I need to decide whether I want any other kind of jewelry such as a necklace, bracelet, ect...don't want to overdo it....want to stay clean and simple. I definitely want some simple faux pearl stud earrings....will think about the necklace or bracelet, but if I do, it will be one or the other...not both and will be in pearls too. Tonight Miguel and I sat down and looked over our budget and did some figuring and it looks like we will be okay and have everything covered. I know that God has it all under control...my heart knows this, but it's hard for me to not stress about it...because of the way I am....trying to work on this...need to pray about it more....I know it will all work out...have to keep saying that to myself. What else? Not much else going on. Mikey had been sick...both ears and throat infected REALLY, I mean REALLY badly! Poor thing, his throat looked HORRIBLE....it hurt me to look at it! And he wasn't eating at all because he said his throat hurt and I don't blame him, but I would hear his poor little tummy growl and it just broke my heart! I hate it when the kids are sick! :( Thankfully, he got antibiotics and is back to his old self. Unfortunately, I have it now! Not the throat thing...at least not yet....but sneezing and congestion. Feel alot of pressure on the bridge of my nose. I really need/want to get some scrappy time in. This has been a SLOW year for scrapping...don't even know how many pages I have for the year, but nowhere near the number I had last year around this same time I'm sure. And I don't anticipate getting alot done either with all the wedding plans and then Mikey starting school this year. Excited, but sad about that. I will miss him SOOO much!! :( My baby is growing up! Okay, that's pretty much all for now. Will try to update more often and hopefully will have some scrappy stuff to share soon! :)