Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just An Update....

I've gotten lazy about my blog again it seems! What has been going on? Halloween was fun. We ended up going over to Chon's house to trick or treat and hang out. She set up tables in the driveway and we had pizza and McD's. Our cousin Noel, his wife Missy and their kids Austin and Nick went over too. I hadn't seen them in a while...although we do keep in touch through Facebook. The guys and Missy took the kids trick or treating and Chon, Mattie and I stayed at her house handing out candy. The kids had a blast and ran around the yard while we all sat around and chatted. When it got too cold for us, we went in and watched this scary movie On Demand called "Orphan"....was good...and while the kids played in Chon's scraproom. Not with her paper of course! lol :) It was a good time :)

I went to the gym on Tuesday....I did 25 minutes (2 miles) on the Elliptical and 2 and some miles (40 mins) walking on the treadmill...NO running whatsoever. Still came home and later that night, my ankle was hurting something awful! It felt like someone was squeezing my ankle REALLY tightly! I iced it and that helped a little, but it's just not feeling right! I'm afraid I might have messed something up with all that running because before I started all that long distance running, even with all my trips to the gym, I was not having pains or problems with it like I am now. I haven't gone any other days this week and I'm not really sure what to do. Going to just wait it out and play it by ear and try to hit the gym again on Monday.

This Friday we have a scrapbooking party at church. So excited about that. Chon is coming too so it will be good to have someone I "know" to talk to, but also looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know some of the women I have already "met" at church a little better. I have 7 pages packed and ready to go. And I managed to scrap one page today. I had not done one scrappy thing in THREE weeks!This puts my count at 119 I think. Had printed out two other pics in case the mood hit me, but it got late on me with baths, dinner, maybe tomorrow.

Hmm..what else? I can't think of anything else new going on. Oh, going to the Chili Bowl with Laura on Saturday night. That's a Highschool football game against our "rivals". Supposedly, this will be the last one because the school we used to play against will be becoming a "magnet school"...don't know what that means! lol Alot of old classmates are going so I think it will be fun to see who shows up. Definitely taking my camera :)
Okay, think that's all....sharing a few pics :)