Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the scrapping continues....

I have had this picture in my computer since LAST Halloween! I FINALLY scrapped it!! Whipped this LO up real quick after Mikey went to bed tonight. I am seriously thinking of scrapping strictly in this size now! Another plus that I didn't think of before is that I can just buy 3 ring binders to put these LOs in. I'm not too picky about what the "album" looks like...I just want them "in" something. And you know how sometimes you can find really cute 3 ring binders at Target and stuff like that...I'm thinking this will be more cost efficient as far as that. Anywhere I can save some money right now is always good :) So, here's my LO. Oh, and if anyone knows any good sites for this size with sketches, do tell :)

More scrappy goodness :)

I just have to say that I am really loving the smaller sized LOs...really! So much quicker and even if there's not alot of "stuff" on there, it still looks "full" you know? I used a lift of a lift in my October issue of Scrapbooks Ect. It was from the "Make It Yours" section and it was a LO by Sande Krieger. I am really trying to make an effort to document certain things in our lives. Even though I'm not the kind of scrapper who scraps solely to keep record of such and such's more of my creative outlet. There are some things that I want to record and remember. One of them being how Elijah is staying with his bio dad this year in order to go to a good private school. It has been a big, HUGE adjustment for both of us and I miss him TERRIBLY since we've never really been apart for very long. I know that it's a good opportunity for him and his dad as far as his dad getting to be a part of his daily life which he never really had the chance to do before. Now, I'm the "weekend parent". It's hard, but we're getting through it. And I have complete trust in his dad as far as knowing that Lij is being well taken care worries there. Anyway, here's a page I made documenting that. TFL :)