Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Over....

National Scrapbooking Day AND Miguel's vacation :( I didn't even get any scrapping done today. Except for one 8x8 page for my BOM that I did for a challenge over on And I don't even really like the way it turned out. I really wanted to scrap and I really wanted to participate in one of the challenges, but I just wasn't "feeling it". Oh well, it is what it is. I did, however, win a prize over on for one of the challenges they had. All we had to do was link up six of our fave products from the Superstore. It was just a random drawing and I won!! I was so happy and excited when I saw my name on the list! I was yelling "I won, I won!!" and Mikey and Miguel were just looking at me like I'd lost my mind! lol I can't wait to see what they send me!

So, Miguel's vacation is over. I am glad for the time we got to spend together, for the time the kids got to spend with him, but I'm so sad that he will be going back to work and back to the stupid, crazy hours that he works where we hardly ever see him. I get so used to having him here when he goes on vaca. I'm sure the kids do too and it will be hard to adjust back to not seeing him much at all.

Oh, I forgot, Miguel took me to Hobby Lobby today and I got two more albums. I had to get the American Crafts cloth ones because that was pretty much all they had. I like those, but I really like the Paper Studio ones I had been getting because the spine is thicker so I can put more pages in there. Plus, they were cheaper than the AC ones. I pretty much organized and seperated all of my pages and filled up two albums for Mikey so I needed a new one to start on him. And I have one for Lij that's almost full so I needed one for him as well. The others I have still have room for more pages and those are FAMILY, KIDS (both boys together), ME & MIGUEL (which has pages of us seperately and of us together). I might want to seperate those further later, but for now, that will work fine.

What else?? Hmm...can't really think of anything else that's been going on. It's late and I'm sleepy so I should probably go to bed. Oh, I forgot to mention that Mikey is much better now with his ear/throat infection. And thank God, the OTC stuff I was taking worked and I didn't end up giving it back to Mikey. I felt so much better today! Still blowing my nose alot, but I feel a million times better! Thank you to all who sent well wishes! Okay, really going to bed now...good night!

Oh, I TOTALLY forgot....the winner of the Martha Stewart paper pack and extra goodies is......

APRIL!! (blog is Scrapper forever) April, please email me at with your mail info and I will get this out to you soon :)