Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Somebody stop me!!

From shopping!! Oh, I'm being baaaaddd!! Okay, maybe not. I deserve it don't I? If Miguel can buy himself a Mustang...I can buy myself all the sb stuff I want :) Especially if I saved part of our tax refund just for that! Okay, on second thought, don't stop me! lol Aside from the other stuff I posted I got, I also bought this cool 3 Birds folder of cardstock stickers off of HSN yesterday. It was SO cute! AND it was FORTY 6x12 sheets for $17 and some change. I can't do that math in my head right now...lol...but I'm sure that is a VERY good deal!! 30 sheets were borders, brackets, tags, misc stickers in different themes and 10 sheets were alphas which I just LOOOOVE alpha stickers! And today I put in an order for those MLS mini alpha stickers at 2 Peas because when I put my other order in, they were all sold out. So I got the ones I didn't have and I got some that Chon wanted too...that is my Mother's Day gift to her :)
Today I was able to scrap another page after I had worked out and started dinner. It is kind of simple...didn't take me long at all to do it, but I really love that pic of the kids and I love the way the page turned out. I think this puts me at 39 now. I used some of my new MAMBI and some of my new MLS and some other older stuff like Sass and MM. Oh and some new Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts (that cute little house die cut).

The working out thing is going good. Still doing the first program on it...thought I should do that one until it's no longer a challenge and then move up. It's still hard...when the incline goes up to 6 but it's not as hard as when I first started. I sure am LOVING my legs right now. And my thighs which I never thought I could tone up or get smaller....YAY me! I'm still doing legs lifts too. Today I up'd it to 40 and I was able to do them straight through instead of doing sets of 10. So, I guess that is "some" progress and I will take it :)

What else?? I can't think of anything else. Oh, if you are a new follower to my blog, I am having a little give away soon. So keep checking back :)