Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Morning to me...NOT!!!

Okay, so aside from not EVER getting a good night's sleep because of Mikey being in the middle and squirming and waking up every TWO hours, I am RUDELY awakened this morning by the whining of Mikey and Elijah at about 9:00 a.m. So instead of waking up SLOWLY like I prefer and laying in bed for a while before I actually get OUT of bed...I had to jump out of bed and start my day with yelling and cleaning up. I go into Elijah's room where he and Mikey have ALL the blankets on the floor trying to make a "fort" which would MAYBE be okay if Elijah wasn't trying to use the drawer to MY desk in his room to hold it. I have REPEATEDLY told him not to do this or he will break my drawer. Well....he broke it!! So while I had him cleaning up his room, I noticed that his Game Cube stuff was out...when it shouldn't be because he is grounded from it until next report card for having an F in Social Studies!! Don't get me started on that!! So when I ask him why it's there, he goes on and on and on about how he DOESN'T know. I KNOW this kid is lying to me which is making me SO angry. He FINALLY admits that he was playing it while I was still asleep this morning!! I'm telling you....he is working my LAST nerve! He has gotten the VERY bad habit of repeatedly lying to me to avoid getting into trouble, but as I explained to him. He needs to be responsible for his own actions and deal with the consequences from the start because lying to me is only going to get him into MORE trouble and I am not going to believe he is telling me the truth if he is always lying just like "The Girl Who Cried Wolf". Anyway, right now I have him cleaing his room from top to bottom and he will be doing that or reading ALLLLLL day!!!!
On a much happier note....LOL I am so happy that I got to talk to my GOOOOOD friend Lori who lives in PA last night! I hadn't talked to her in FOREVER and we had ALOT of catching up to do!! I always have such a great time talking to her and we always laugh SOO much!! She is such a nut and I just love her to death!!! :)I always feel happy when I get off the phone with her :)
After hearing about Janey's all night scrapping party night before last...I decided to pull my own little semi-all nighter and made this for my scraproom.

I put it in this frame and I am LOVING the way it looks!!!

Here's a pic of where it hangs in my scraproom :)

Oh and here is a pic for Janey. This was my room and table while I was working last night. I am SOOO's not a good thing...really, it isn''s like a CURSE! Sometimes I wish I wasn't so clean and maybe I'd have more time to do other stuff if I wasn't always so concerned about cleaning up! Yes, it's my downfall :( LOL

Okay, that is all for today. I think I will head downstairs and face my day!! LOL Maybe I'll get to do some more scrapping later :)