Thursday, January 31, 2008

At last...some scrapping!!

Gosh, I feel like I haven't done any real scrapping since we last cropped!! Don't know why because I HAVE been doing my BOM pages! Maybe because those are smaller pages....I don't know!! Anyway, but I did a couple of 12x12's and another page for my BOM! The kids went down semi-early and I got some quiet, mommy time...YAY!! Always nice to be in my room when it's just ME! :) :) Anway, it's late...almost midnight and I should get to bed. Lij has early release tomorrow so I need to get my treadmill workout out of the way before he gets home. I don't have much else to do besides that. I need to pack Mikey's bag because he's staying the night at my mom's Saturday so me and Miguel can go out and then have some "alone" time! LOL He won't be back until Miguel gets him on his way home Sunday. On Sunday, I'll do a LITTLE cleaning and then hopefully if Lij is back from his dad's early enough, spend a little "Mikey free" time with him. I know it's hard for him to get time with me when Mikey takes so much out of me so I hope we get to do that. Anyway, here are the LOs and I'm off to bed!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Valentines and a photo shoot

So, I haven't gotten to "scrap" like I wanted to, but I have worked on some Valentine cards! And I'm proud to say that I did NOT lift them! LOL :) I still need about three more to go.

I also did a little photo shoot with the kids yesterday and today. Mikey wasn't really cooperating yesterday, but I got some REALLY good shots of Lij. Today I was able to bribe Mikey and got some great pics of him with "Mr. Bear". I can't wait to scrap those!

Well, both kiddos are asleep. Mikey didn't nap today so he went out pretty much right away. Let's just hope he stays down for the night! Thinking of going to my scraproom for a little "quiet, mommy time". That's if I don't waste too much time sittting here! LOL We'll see!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fourth page in my BOM

Here's the fourth page in my BOM. It took me a few days to finally get around to doing this after I had an idea, so I kind of lost my momentum, but I'm still fairly happy with the way it turned out. TFL :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another BOM LO

I forgot to post this last night after I got done with it! I have pics printed out to start my fourth page...maybe I'll get to work on it tomorrow. I hope I don't lose my momentum on this project and really get to finish a whole album about ME :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some scrappy stuff and some new curtains...

So I have done a little more scrapping: the second page in my BOM and another little shadow box that I put on an easel on a shelf in my scraproom. I also got new curtains in there. Not the pretty toile ones I wanted :( The shipping was NINE bucks on that site!! I got these at Wal Mart...just some simple black ones. I wish I could have found something with a pattern. Maybe if I do later on, I can always switch these into our bedroom. What else? Oh yes...good news on the treadmill front...SIXTEEN minutes of straight running today....came out to 1.4 miles!! YAY! Only KIND OF felt like dying! LOL My legs were hurting a bit. That makes six days of consecutive running....a good sign :) Well, that's about all going on here! More later.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crop Night LOs and some other stuff

So I FINALLY got my LOs from crop night uploaded to my computer so I could add them here! I still had to do some journaling on some and just hadn't gotten the chance! I also went back to look at that Deck of Me challenge I had been doing before and got WAY behind on and I wrote down all the topics so that I may TRY to catch up. That was something I had really wanted to do so I'm going to try to finish what I started. Me and my sis and some girls from my Yahoo group also decided to try to start a BOM for the new year, so I did my first page last night. It was a kind of lift off 2 Peas. So the first pics are of my LOs. Then my cards, which btw, are the DRAW SOMETHING card (Can you believe I drew that little owl....LOVE him!!) and the GRATEFUL week. And since the week is not over, I still have to add to it. The other pic is of my BOM page and I think that's it!

OH, on a totally different note, of course one of my resolutions was to continue my working out and getting better time on the treadmill. Well, I didn't want to post this until I had gotten into somewhat of a routine and not just a one time fluke, but for the past three days in this week, I have ran TWELVE MINUTES non stop...that's ONE FULL MILE!! I am very proud of myself. I only slightly felt like dying and just sliding off the treadmill! LOL The first day was easy...the second...not as much as the first, but little hard. My legs were aching close to the end, but it really IS a mind over matter kind of thing. You have to motivate yourself to keep going and just keep going through the pain. After a while, it really does go away. I am hoping that I'll be able to do the same tomorrow and Friday. Saturday will be my off day, then back at it on Sunday. Well, that's about it for now. We just had dinner and Mikey is bathed. Maybe I'll get a little more time for myself after I fold and put away some laundry :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

More Scraproom pictures

I got the same media shelf that my sis did and all my stuff fit perfectly on there. I also finished up the little shadow boxes I got at the Dollar Tree. I think it looks really cute! I also took these cool pics of Mikey the other day. My sis gave me the idea to use a black sheet as a the look..if only Mikey would have cooperated more!
I'm almost all packed up for crop tomorrow. Gosh, it seems like alot of work to just go away for six hours! LOL The time away is so worth it, but it's taken me pretty much all week to sketch and pack LOs. Whenever I got the chance, I was either searching online galleries, sketching or picking and packing papers and stuff. I think I got like 8 LOs packed. I hope I get them all done. I'm taking more than usual because the last time I was done WAY ahead of time and was just sitting there! I think maybe I'll just take some extra pics with me too. I can always buy papers and stuff there. Well, that's all for today!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I FINALLY painted my scraproom!!!

Yes, after only about a year and a half, I FINALLY bought some paint and did it! Oh HAPPY day! At least in one room, I don't have to stare at nasty white walls!! I started painting yesterday and finished up today. I started putting stuff back in its place in the evening after the paint had dried. It's still kind of stinky of paint fumes, but I'm so glad I'm finished! There's still stuff that I want to do. I'm going to change the curtains I have and get some really pretty white ones with a black toile print that I saw on an online store. I'm also getting this black media storage tower thing that my sis got at Wal Mart so alot of stuff is getting reorganized. I'm also re-covering the seats of my WM stools with a matching fabric...something in black and white. I also want to put white crown molding to try to cover up some of the little imperfections in my painting. It was really hard getting that part up by the ceiling right :( It looks good though and I just love the way the black stands off against the green color. And I'm just SOOO glad it's done!!! TFL :)