Thursday, January 31, 2008

At last...some scrapping!!

Gosh, I feel like I haven't done any real scrapping since we last cropped!! Don't know why because I HAVE been doing my BOM pages! Maybe because those are smaller pages....I don't know!! Anyway, but I did a couple of 12x12's and another page for my BOM! The kids went down semi-early and I got some quiet, mommy time...YAY!! Always nice to be in my room when it's just ME! :) :) Anway, it's late...almost midnight and I should get to bed. Lij has early release tomorrow so I need to get my treadmill workout out of the way before he gets home. I don't have much else to do besides that. I need to pack Mikey's bag because he's staying the night at my mom's Saturday so me and Miguel can go out and then have some "alone" time! LOL He won't be back until Miguel gets him on his way home Sunday. On Sunday, I'll do a LITTLE cleaning and then hopefully if Lij is back from his dad's early enough, spend a little "Mikey free" time with him. I know it's hard for him to get time with me when Mikey takes so much out of me so I hope we get to do that. Anyway, here are the LOs and I'm off to bed!!


shopgirlaudi said...

Love all the new LOs. Where is that cupid from??? I'm racking my brain. I know I've seen it before, but can't remember where!!! Help me!!!

Estee said...

I love the new layouts! I need to check them out on so I can see them closer. I loved the pictures of your boys and I love how you used them in the layouts. I hope that you are having a great weekend!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

laura so love the "what's in my head" page just awesome girl