Monday, September 15, 2008

I made a little trip to M's yesterday after we took Elijah back to Gilbert's house(And BTW, he LOVED the frame I made him). I was thinking of getting this MAMBI boy themed paper pad I had seen there the last time...don't remember what it was called, but after looking at it more closely, there were just too many sheets that I did not like at all. The same went for almost all the thicker pads of paper they had there in the 40% off section. I opted for getting the Basic Grey Urban Prairie pad which I think has 36 sheets (2 of each pattern). It has some really nice ones that I just LOVE! I like this BG line more than others I have or have seen before because they patterns aren't "too pattern-y" where I don't know how to use it or where to cut it. I can see myself using these.

On Saturday, Lij and I went to Crossroads and I got a few more papers at Hobby Lobby especially that grid paper I just loved so much! I want to use it for everything! LOL I took some pics of Lij in front of that same fountain where I took pics of Mikey, but Lij was not quite as cooperative. He said the sun kept shining in his eyes even though the sun was BEHIND him and not in front of him. I only got one good pic, but I guess it's better than nothing. I wanted to try to scrap tonight now that Mikey has FINALLY fallen asleep after NO nap today, but I'm a bit tired too and don't know if I'm feelin' the mojo. I don't want to go to bed though because this is my "me, quiet time"....must relish it! That's all for now! :)