Monday, December 22, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Christmas.....

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Happy Birthday, Baby

Today...well, yesterday (Sunday) was Miguel's birthday...his 34th. I knew I was older than him, but I never realized how much!! Okay, three years is not that much, but still...Anyway, thankfully he got out of work pretty darn early...way earlier than usual...too early in fact, because I hadn't even baked his cake or made his special dinner that he had requested! It all worked out though because he ended up going to noon mass and then to do some Christmas shopping, so by the time he did get home, I had just pulled the chicken lasagna and garlic bread out of the oven and the cake was already frosted and waiting :) I've only made lasagna a few times and I haven't made it in forever so I was a little nervous, but Miguel said it was did Lij so I was really happy about that. Of course, "I" thought it was pretty darned good too, but I'm biased :) lol After we ate, we headed out to Wal Mart for a bit of shopping....TOO many people there. We made our trip short and headed to the Family Christian Store instead where I picked up a last minute gift and pre ordered the "Fireproof" movie. Doing so, gave me the book for only $9.99 AND the soundtrack for FREE...yippee. I'm looking forward to reading the book. I think it's like "exercises" to do to strengthen your relationship/marriage. Miguel got me the second book in the Twilight series and I'm already done with it...finished it in TWO I need something else to read! We came home after shopping and had cake. (BTW, for his birthday, I got him some movie he wanted called "Dead Space" and some headphones to wear while he watches tv late at night so he doesn't wake us all up with his surround sound!) Miguel and I watched "Step Brothers"....SO funny!! And the kids played. I stayed up late to pay some bills and catch up on my blog reading and such because I hadn't been online since Thursday...our computer monitor wasn't working. Today we hooked up one my uncle had brought over and I'm back online :) It's not a flat screen like ours was, but it will have to do for now. Okay, I think that's all for now. OH, foot update. Since the weekend, I've been moving around...without crutches. I've been wrapping my ankle up with an ACE bandage and then putting the splint they gave me over that which seems to help alot with the pain...or to NOT have pain I should say..when I move my foot or try to walk on it. We have been out of the house a few times over the weekend and although I'm moving slowly, I'm SO grateful to be moving again without the crutches. I seriously wanted to cry that first day I was moving around without was just soooo happy to be walking somewhat normally again...I was overjoyed! :) I'm in a little more pain than I had been during the nights...I'm sure from all the added activity since I'd pretty much been off it for all these weeks, but it's bearable...nothing a little Ibuprofen won't fix :) So that's really happy news for me....Okay, it's late and I'm really sleepy...more tomorrow :)