Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I always tell myself I'm going to write down things I see on blogs that I like or want to buy or layouts that I want to lift, but then I tell myself..."nah, I'll make a mental note of it...I'll remember". And guess what? Yep, I NEVER find it again or kill myself looking for hours and hours. I'm pretty sure that it was yesterday that I was surfing blogs and came across these cupcake stamps. There were about four different ones in the set I think and then there was a cute little face...eyes and mouth with the little tongue sticking out. I want to say they were from some little DT shop or something...something with QT or something like that keeps sticking out in my mind. The person whose blog I saw them on also had some examples on there and they were colored in with like shimmery pens or something....ugh, if someone could please, PLEASE find it for me, I'd be forever grateful. I have looked through all the blogs I frequent where I think I might have seen it, but nothing. Please help me before I go insane :)