Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Some Scraplifts

I'm so happy when I get some time to scrap! The kids woke up pretty early today so I got an early start on all my chores and was done before nine!! Mikey took an early nap and I got to do some scrapping. He even woke up and took a second nap...I joined him on that one! LOL We slept for like two hours I think. And when we woke up, him and Lij played in his room while I scrapped a second LO. I ordered pizza, we ate, played outside then the kids came in and bathed. I'm about to go downstairs and get on the treadmill and do my two miles. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to do about 2.1 miles. I've been sticking to it for two weeks now and although I've only lost two pounds the last time I checked, I can "feel" a difference in my body and see that my clothes aren't fitting as tightly and that's GOOD! LOL Okay, here are the LO's. The kids are fighting and I need to get to it!!

The first one I did, I was inspired by a girl on I don't think I scraplifted it because I didn't even use the same "design" I liked her idea of doing a LO about things her bf liked which I did too!

The second was pretty much a scraplift of a LO done by Kittyeisner on I changed the title on mine, but other than that, it's pretty much the same. I just LOVE it though!! I had to copy it!!