Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Weekly Thing....

It appears to be that I'm only averaging a post a week as of lately. I've had nothing new to report..at least nothing interesting..lol So I wouldn't want to torture you all with the mundane details in my daily life as a SAHM! :)

I've still been working out...doing the bike every day. Although this week and last week, I was doing the preprogramed workouts that vary in resistance. The first couple of days, I only did the 20 minute workout to let my legs/body adjust to it and the rest of the days I have added an additional 10 minutes to get my 30 minutes of cardio. Thankfully, it's gotten easier. Maybe next week, I will step up to the second program. I've also added in some leg lifts...only 30 so far. I think next week, I will add in some crunches and/or situps. It's amazing the difference I have felt and seen in my mid section with just this little bit of "exercise" and drinking TONS of water. I'm very happy so far and I'm positive that I can get back to where I was before. I would really ultimately love to get back to running...can't believe I'm saying that, but I really did like it. Just don't know when or if that will ever happen. My ankle still looks the same, but thankfully not hurting as often as before although when it "does" hurt, it REALLY hurts :(

Oh, I'm also really excited about Easter coming up :) For the obvious reasons and because my "no shopping" promise will be over!! I am just so very proud of myself for sticking to it. And glad I did because I would have been so disappointed in myself had I not. I've also learned alot during this time as far as my shopping "habits" and have realized that some of my shopping is strictly impulse buying and I really need to work on that a bit more. Over all, I'm pretty good at that...at not buying stuff just because it's cute or new or "in". But there are those purchases now and then where I could have used that money on something I WOULD use instead of something that is just sitting in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. So, I've been keeping a list of things that I have seen that I thought I wanted and I was running through it the other day and I found there were alot of things I really didn't want so much anymore and I ended up scratching off at least half of my list. It wasn't a SUPER long list...lol...maybe 15 things which has now become about 8. I was thinking of maybe continuing this "wiser" shopping and giving myself a scrappy budget and ONLY spending that each month. This way I will know I only have x amount of dollars to spend and ask myself "do I really need this?" I think it will help me make smarter choices.

Speaking of scrapping, I was able to put this one page together over a span of two or three days. Not that it was that "complicated" of a page, but I was just doing a little here and there whenever I had the time. I really love the way it turned out. I used some of my newer MME and some older stuff like BG Urban Prairie as well. I love when I can incorporate stuff I've had for ages with newer stuff. Also love to put as many different manufacturers as I can on one page! LOL Me and my sis do this thing sometimes when the other does a page like this and try to name all the different brands just by looking at the page. Hey, there's a cool idea for a little RAK. I can post a page and see who can guess all the brands correctly! I was meaning to do an Easter RAK with some Spring/Easter stuff I got a while back, but time just crept up on me and now it's only a few days away. Still might do it. I don't think anyone minds getting an Easter RAK a little bit late :)

What else?? Still getting used to the whole waking up at 6:15 to get Lij ready and off to school. I am so NOT the morning person! I am such a grump when I'm tired/sleepy! lol Most days, I end up taking a small nap sometime during the day because I just cannot make it until bedtime...lol I wonder how Mikey does it?? :)

I don't think we have any "plans" for Easter Sunday. Miguel has to work...surprise, surprise....I thank God every day that in these times when lots of people are losing their jobs, that Miguel is still blessed to have one, but boy do I NOT like the company he works for. Do NOT get me started on that!

Oh, Chon is coming by on Friday with the kids to maybe do a little scrapping and just hang out. Lij starts his Spring Break next Monday, but he has early release on Thursday and off for Good Friday. And then he's off for a whole other week for Spring Break so I think he'll be off for a total of 10 days including the weekends. That will be nice...or torturous...we shall see...lol :) Miguel is playing Jesus in the reenactment of the crucifi...okay, I have to admit I have NO idea how to spell that. He is playing Jesus in a play where they crucify him...on Good Friday for our church. It's this play they put on in the actual streets surrounding the church. Miguel wanted us to go watch, but truthfully, I don't know that I would want to. I can't even watch The Passion of Christ w/out feeling sick to my stomache and crying like a baby. I don't know how I would feel seeing Miguel play that part. Although I know it's just a "play"...I don't know how that would effect me. So I think this year, I will pass...sorry, baby :) I know he'll do awesome though :)

Okay, I think that is it for now. I have some chicken lasagna cooking in the oven for dinner and I think I need to go ice my ankle because it's hurting :( More later :) Oh, and check back to see if I'm doing my giveaway. Which btw, I see that I have 18 followers, but rarely have comments from anyone other than my sis, or Gina or a few ppl who regularly post. Don't be shy :) Come on down! LOL :)