Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a great day and got pampered and all that good stuff. We mothers sure deserve it! Do you ever notice how around Mother's Day there are so many people out at the stores buying gifts and cards and flowers. And for Father's Day, you just don't see as many people. There's a reason for that I'm sure! Not to say that fathers don't deserve some kind of recognition, but in my opinion, we are the ones who bear most of the burden of raising our kids and keeping house and all that good stuff that just never ends! So to all my "mom" friends out's to YOU :)

So today wasn't anything "spectacular". I spent most of the day cleaning and doing laundry and keeping Lij and Mikey from going at each other. I am at my wits end with those two..seriously! Miguel picked us up around 5:30 I think it was and I made a quick run to M's because Chon called me and gave me the those Sassafras Lass pads they had there. Last time we went, they had the Whale of a Tale on clearance from $24.99 to $14.99, but I wanted the Hog Heaven one. So I was going to keep an eye out for that one to go on clearance. And today they the one by Ingram. So were other pads like the We R Memory Keepers ones. So, we swung by there real quick and I got the Sass pad and a We R Memory Keepers one. As well as these Sabrina journaling stickers that were clearanced for .99. I used my GC that Chon gave me AND a 40% off coupon I got yesterday so I only paid $15..YAY :) Afterwards, we went by Miguel's parent's for a bbq, but that wasn't much fun. Everyone was sitting in the backyard, but there were flies everywhere and ants were crawling in my shoes so me and Lij went to sit ont he front porch and that's where we were pretty much the whole time we were there. At least it wasn't hot or I would have been mad and miserable! lol Mikey was running around like a crazy and getting dirty so he had fun. And so did Lij. We just sat on a bench in the front yard and talked and Miguel came up for a TINY while. That part was nice. But I was glad to be home and showered....AGAIN...and in the a/c....thank you God for A/C :)

Yesterday, Miguel had taken me to M's and I picked out my own Mother's Day gifts. I guess that's good because I got stuff I wanted, but it would have been nice to get a card with something heartfelt written inside. I got this awesome new Prima paper pad called Rock Out Bro..think that's what it's called! And this awesome new K&Co stuff designed by Carolyn Gavin...LOVE that stuff! I also got myself a pack of some M by Kay diecuts at Target when we went to get my mom a new coffee maker for Mother's Day. In the late afternoon, we dropped the kids off home with my mom and caught a movie. Miguel had been wanting to watch that Xmen Wolverine movie. It was really good. I was surprised that I loved it. Plus, it's always a bonus seeing Hugh Jackman without his shirt on! Hee,hee :D

What else? I think that's mom is on vaca and left to Las Vegas today. They'll be out there for a week. I hope she wins some money and shares :) LOL Okay, sharing some of my fave pics from today....good night all :)