Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just a few recent things

I finally got a good pic of that other BOM page I did and also added another one. The second one was for a challenge on our secret group. We had to use "white space" and add something of a "surprise". I used a pic I had taken for Miguel for Valentine's Day. I took a few, but this was one that I liked the best. My friend Cass edited it for me so that the only thing in color was my pink bra :) BTW, I gave Miguel those pics and he just LOOOOVED them!! :) Very flattering to know my baby still thinks I'm a HOTTIE :) Oh, and I did a LO of Mikey with his "Mr. Bear". I love the way it came out! Hmmm...not much else going on. Maybe I'll get some scrapping done later tonight or tomorrow. Night!

Well, it seems that blogger isn't letting me upload right now for some reason, so I'll have to try later!