Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Family Time

Miguel has been on vaca since Saturday so we've been spending time as a family which we hardly EVER get to do. At least not this much time. On Saturday, to kick of his vaca, we went and ate at Cheesy Jane's....I really like it there. The kids got milkshakes or malts..whatever they are and they loved them! That night, Miguel and I left the kids with my mom and went to a Birthday Luau party for one of Miguel's ACTS brothers. That was really nice!! It was decorated really nice and Juan and his wife were there. We had a good time. On Sunday, we inflated some pools we had gotten the kids and let them splash around for a couple of hours while we sat out and watched them...and I took lots of pics! :) Yesterday, we took the kids to the zoo and had a nice picnic in the shade :) Which was very nice after walking around in the heat! The kids had a blast though...so did we!! Today, we just hung around at home. I did my cleaning and got on the treadmill and we just did stuff inside. We got a bit of hard rain in the late afternoon. The kids were playing outside and Miguel was doing stuff in the yard when it just CAME down!! Crazy Mikey just RAN out into the rain and got all wet! Wish I'd had the camera with me!! Tomorrow, I'm going to 911 with Adriana...a little..and I do stress LITTLE vacation for me :) Here's some more pics of our family time :)