Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crop Night LOs and some other stuff

So I FINALLY got my LOs from crop night uploaded to my computer so I could add them here! I still had to do some journaling on some and just hadn't gotten the chance! I also went back to look at that Deck of Me challenge I had been doing before and got WAY behind on and I wrote down all the topics so that I may TRY to catch up. That was something I had really wanted to do so I'm going to try to finish what I started. Me and my sis and some girls from my Yahoo group also decided to try to start a BOM for the new year, so I did my first page last night. It was a kind of lift off 2 Peas. So the first pics are of my LOs. Then my cards, which btw, are the DRAW SOMETHING card (Can you believe I drew that little owl....LOVE him!!) and the GRATEFUL week. And since the week is not over, I still have to add to it. The other pic is of my BOM page and I think that's it!

OH, on a totally different note, of course one of my resolutions was to continue my working out and getting better time on the treadmill. Well, I didn't want to post this until I had gotten into somewhat of a routine and not just a one time fluke, but for the past three days in this week, I have ran TWELVE MINUTES non stop...that's ONE FULL MILE!! I am very proud of myself. I only slightly felt like dying and just sliding off the treadmill! LOL The first day was easy...the second...not as much as the first, but little hard. My legs were aching close to the end, but it really IS a mind over matter kind of thing. You have to motivate yourself to keep going and just keep going through the pain. After a while, it really does go away. I am hoping that I'll be able to do the same tomorrow and Friday. Saturday will be my off day, then back at it on Sunday. Well, that's about it for now. We just had dinner and Mikey is bathed. Maybe I'll get a little more time for myself after I fold and put away some laundry :)


shopgirlaudi said...

Man, that's alot of LOs!!! Cute owl. What was that for???

mel said...

Glad to get to see your LOs. They are all great--as always!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

wooooozaaaa look at all this eye candy will ya

just fabuluous girl