Friday, January 11, 2008

More Scraproom pictures

I got the same media shelf that my sis did and all my stuff fit perfectly on there. I also finished up the little shadow boxes I got at the Dollar Tree. I think it looks really cute! I also took these cool pics of Mikey the other day. My sis gave me the idea to use a black sheet as a the look..if only Mikey would have cooperated more!
I'm almost all packed up for crop tomorrow. Gosh, it seems like alot of work to just go away for six hours! LOL The time away is so worth it, but it's taken me pretty much all week to sketch and pack LOs. Whenever I got the chance, I was either searching online galleries, sketching or picking and packing papers and stuff. I think I got like 8 LOs packed. I hope I get them all done. I'm taking more than usual because the last time I was done WAY ahead of time and was just sitting there! I think maybe I'll just take some extra pics with me too. I can always buy papers and stuff there. Well, that's all for today!

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