Monday, October 22, 2007

Some LOs from Crop Night

I have been really lazy to get on here and upload my LOs from crop night! LOL So here they are! Not much else has been going on here. Mikey had been running a fever and we took him in to the doc on Saturday and he had both ears infected :( It's because of his allergies. Poor thing! But he's on meds now and back to his old self. Well, he was never really NOT himself which is hard in telling if he's sick or not...but either way. I'm STILL running on the treadmill. I know I hadn't talked about that in a while,but I've still been at it EVERY day! Unfortunately I have not lost ONE pound, but I've seen a drastic change in my body and the way my clothes fits so I guess that's good. It would still be nice to see a drop in the scale. It's a bit discouraging especially since I had been dieting too for about three weeks, but I am NOT giving up!! I think I owe it to myself. What else?? Can't think of anything else right now.

Oh, I think we may have gotten Mikey off the bottle...FINALLY! These days he'd been running a fever and throwing up his milk because of it, we stopped giving it to him so he wouldn't throw up. We gave him juice in his sip cup, but he didn't want that either. So he'd end up just falling asleep without anything. So last night, he didn't even ask for it and just went to bed by himself. STILL in OUR bed though. And just a while ago, I was going ds to check on him and he is taking his nap on the couch!! He didn't even come ask me for anything!! Happy Day!! LOL Let's keep our fingers crossed!! Now all we have to do is get him sleeping in his bed and then the whole potty training thing! ~SIGH~ Baby steps I guess!!


shopgirlaudi said...

All really great LOs. I especially love the one of Mikey with the spider:) Cute, cute, cute.

GINAJAM said...

Super awesome layouts, girl! It's fun to see your stuff. Way to go on the treadmill (and diet). At least you haven't given it up. I am on and off all the time!