Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Year

Happy Birthday to US :) Yes, today I am 21...I am FINALLY legal!! LOL Okay, so I'm 36...yikes!! So glad I don't look it, but I sure do feel it sometimes. (Well, you look it...well, I feel it!! LOL Inside joke between me and my sis :) ) I got alot of scrappy stuff for my bday from Miguel and my sis. Got some neat AL stamps from HL that I wanted and some of my FAVORITE snacky, chocolate treats from my sistah...THANKS :) Miguel got me another stool for my scraproom so now my sis has one when she comes over :) He also got me some stuff at Scrapbook Heaven and gave me his credit card to shop at our last crop at 911 so I got lots of nice stuff! And just being alive and happy and so very blessed on this day and every day...well, that's the only gift I need :)
I made myself a chocolate cake w/chocolate frosting and ate some last night and a shared a piece w/Mikey a while ago along with some chocolate ice cream....mmmm....never too much chocolate!! LOL :)
I've been doing the usual stuff today...chores, cleaning up...haven't had the chance to do anything fun yet...except for update my blog. Maybe when and if Mikey takes a nap. Although, it's getting a little late...Lij will almost be home and I need to get on the treadmill. He will probably fall asleep WHILE I'm on the treadmill and then I won't get to scrap or anything :( Update on Mikey....he's feeling better..almost done with his antibiotics, but more importantly....OFF of the bottle for good!! YAY!!! He hasn't had one since last Thursday! He will ask for one and when I won't give it to him, he WILL whine for a bit, but nothing like I thought he's bearable and he soon forgets about it and just ends up taking his nap ALL alone!! Forgot about that too. No more having to sit or lay with him to make him fall asleep. I guess it's easier at night to do the whole "no bottle" thing because I'm also laying with him to go to bed too so he just lays down and falls asleep. we just have to get him out of diapers and out of our bed!!
Speaking he comes now!! Write more later :)

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shopgirlaudi said...

Here comes trouble...hee hee...Well, my days been pretty "routine" too. I just made my special bday dinner; spaghetti and garlic toast...Mmmm. And I just had a slice of my cake. Yummy:P Well, hope your day was good. Love ya;)