Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Haircut

So here it is...my new "do". Still kind of the same as before...short, but this time I got some sort of bangs and the back which I haven't taken a pic of yet, is shorter...can't really explain it. The girl called it a "stacked bob". It's taking some getting used to because of how short it is in the back, but I like it. And it will grow out before I know it!!


Ginajam said...

LOVE your new do! I had the stacked bob a couple of years ago and I miss it from time to time. It is sooooo cute and easy to style, but the upkeep is a little hard. Oh and the growing out thing feels like forever. I finally have it all one length from the front to back...but I think my hair grows really slow, too! Anyway...I love it! I might just have to do it again someday!!

mel said...

Cute! I really like it. The bangs look good on you too. I've been thinking about getting a bob. Maybe next time I go to get my hair cut.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

look at you little miss hottie with the new do woot woot whistle