Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lists, lists...and MORE lists...

I feel like I am up to my ears in lists! LOL Lists of stuff we need to buy, guest lists, supply lists, wedding party lists...I usually like writing lists, but right now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with them all! But it's a good thing. I have to keep telling myself that it will all come together. I am just so scared that it's just going to sneak up on us. Four months can fly by SO fast! And in the middle of all this, Miguel has his upcoming retreat, we have summer with the kids home, we have Mikey starting school, not sure where Lij will be going next year, MY retreat the week before the wedding...so much going on! We start our marriage classes on the 6th of May...don't know if I mentioned that already. I think we meet every Thursday for 7 weeks. Should be interesting.
In case anyone noticed on the invite, I changed my colors...they are now black, pink and white. LOVED the Tiffany blue, but it's so hard finding stuff in that exact shade :( :( Still happy with the new colors :) The girls dresses will be black. I'd love for them to have some kind of pink sash or bow on them. I decided that every girl should pick her own style dress seeing as how I have different sized girls in my bridal party and not everyone will look good in the same dress. This way each girl can feel pretty and comfortable in her own style dress :) I also changed MY choice of dress. It was the one I had originally LOVED, but it was a bit more than the other w/the sash, but I decided it was worth the difference in cost. So, now that the colors have been changed, the cake will not be different. Just the colors. What was going to be the Tiffany blue, will now be pink. My friend Mio...who actually introduced Miguel and I has volunteered to get the cake for us. Her mother works in a bakery and makes all sorts of cakes. My uncle and aunt have volunteered to get the DJ for us. That was a very nice and unexpected surprise! My uncle will also be walking me down the aisle. He is the closest thing we have ever had to a father. So, getting those two things out of the way are a HUGE load off! But there is still a LONG list of stuff that still needs to get done and taken care of! I'm trying to breathe and take it day by day! I am going to try and put the "lists" aside for a couple of days and maybe give myself some scrappy time. I think I need it!! That's all for now :)

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