Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween pics and a LO

I tried getting back into the scrapping groove mid last week and used a LO Chon had done for inspiration. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I'm feeling "the itch" to scrap, but my mind is just not in the right frame of mind lately...too much else going on in there I guess.
Gilbert dropped Elijah off to me Thursday after school, so I got some extra time with him :) My sis and her husband picked us up on Friday and we went over to their house because we were going to do trick or treating with them. The kids were REALLY excited about it. Lij was dressing up as Michael Jackson and Mikey was going to be a pirate, but changed his mind at the last minute when my sister showed him a Cat in the Hat costume she had. He looked SO cute in it!! And he was SO fascinated with his TAIL! LOL I did NOT get the good pictures I had anticipated :( It was already too dark to get good pics on any other setting except night time and by the time the third flash went off, the kids had already moved a million times! Out of the 95 pics I took, I only got a handful of good ones...oh well!! The kids all had a great time and got lots of candy. We had a late night pizza party and didn't get to bed until well after midnight. Good times :) Pretty much all going on here. Oh, I just ordered some of those ADORABLE Prima journal cards with the little animals on them and they came in the mail yesterday. I just placed my order like two days THAT is quick!! I must remember to leave some really good feedback! I got both the boy and girl sets...can't wait to use them! I hope my scrappy mojo comes for a visit...I miss it :( That's all for now!


The last pic is of some charm bracelets I made. The black one is for my sister and the green one, I'm going to send my good friend, Melissa :) I made a black one for myself too :)


shopgirlaudi said...

I got some good pics of Mikey so we can photo share later. I need our "cat" pics:)

It was a lot of fun that day. We must get together again real soon. Mikey was really good:)

Oh, and nice LO:)

Ginajam said...

You girls look so cute dressed up!! And so do the kids. I really like your pretty!