Monday, November 24, 2008

A Card for a friend

I had "tried" to start working on this card on Friday, but I just didn't "feel" like it so I left it alone. Today while I was trying to put it together, I remembered an idea I had been wanting to try. On some channel where Mikey watches cartoons on demand...maybe Sprout or Noggin..not sure...there is a cute little bird that I thought I could try to duplicate with scalloped ovals. Well, I don't have a scalloped oval punch, but I do have the circles! So my bird is a little "round" me! LOL JK :) But I think he came out way cute!! I made this card for a friend's upcoming birthday. I hope she likes it!


shopgirlaudi said...

I LOVE the card!!! It's TOO cute. It turned out nice even if you didn't use ovals:)

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh i love this card it's TOO TWEEEET

Kawi said...

AMAZING!!!! This card is so funny!