Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm back

On Friday, I did 46 minutes on the treadmill...2.7 miles. I ran a few minutes here and there on and off, but not non stop...still having the same issue with my leg when I run...a bit sad about that because I really do like running. But I'm glad about the time I managed to go that day. I planned on getting on it today, but now I'm not sure. I'm going to try to...really I am...scouts honor :) Miguel came home for an early lunch so that threw me off schedule a bit. I went ahead and ate lunch with him so now I have to give myself some time before I work out. I just don't want it to get late on me. We'll see. I want to at least squeeze in 30 minutes.

So on Saturday, since Lij stayed at his dad's this weekend :( it was just me, Miguel and Mikey. We went to eat breakfast at Panchito's and then went by a Tuesday Morning that is right across from there. I was hoping to find some of those cool Mia kits that my sis got, but no luck :( They only had a small end cap of scrapbooking supplies at this one and not too many things I was interested in. I did manage to find this cool pack of MM printed cs and a really pretty K&Co. Scrap Pad To Go. Both for only $4 each...not bad at all!! Also went by Michael's...only because we were at Old Navy at The Quarry and M's is RIGHT next door, but I didn't find a thing I wanted if you can believe that! I did get 3 of those Studio G stamps from the Dollar bins...two for a friend and one for me, but I used up the last of the gift card Melody sent me so I didn't spend any money. We did our grocery shopping, bought Mikey a toy for going poop in the potty. He's been wearing underwear for the past week or so and NO accidents..thank God! I never thought the day would come when I'd get Mikey out of pullups!! We dropped Mikey off with my mom and then Miguel and I had another "date night" which I really think we need right now. It was nice. We had dinner at Bennigan's and then watched that James Bond movie "Quantum Solace". It was okay...I'm not really into those kinds of movies. That's more Miguel's stuff. But nothing else good was showing and he really wanted to see that. Miguel came home from work really early yesterday which is rare so after I showered and he took a little nap, we went to WM to let Mikey pick out some underwear like we had promised him...he picked some Cars ones. I also got him some cute screen print long sleeved shirts. Today, after I did what was left of my cleaning, me and Mikey put up the small tree my mom had here last year. I decided that I wanted to keep the tree simple and went with silver and aqua blue with white lights. I need to get another strand of silver bead garland because I ran short. I think I might also get some smaller silver ornaments, but that's it. I really like the way it looks. I got some scrap goodies in the mail today...some of those Puffy Thickers I had been wanting...LOVE them! I need to work on a birthday card for a friend, but maybe I can get some scrapping done later tonight or tomorrow. Still itching to get that mojo back! That's all for now :)


shopgirlaudi said...

Cool paper and great price and I just LOVE how that pic of Mikey came out. I hope I can get some good ones of the kids decorating the tree this year:)

Ginajam said...

I am addicted to those puffy Thickers...makes me want more!! I agree with you on the James Bond flick...we went and I wasn't as into as I'd hoped. I was hoping for more shirtless scenes with Bond...but no such luck!!