Saturday, November 8, 2008


And I got ALL this at Joanne's!! I went with the intentions of ONLY buying that trim I talked about, but when I went to look today, they didn't really have the colors I wanted :( I did get the Cloud 9 diecut quotes...that WAS on the "list", but I also got some more of that cool "Lucky You" stuff and a couple of other things that were 30% off!! I also went to M's after the movies and spent $4 from the gc Mel gave me...still have some left too :)

We actually started out the day "early". Well, early for us that is because we are ALWAYS late...ALWAYS! We stopped by Sonic first and picked up some slushes for Miguel's parents and went by their shop for a quick visit. Then, we drove around for what seemed like FOREVER looking for a place to eat breakfast. We had originally gone to Panchito's, but there was a LONG line and I did not want to wait. But now that I think of it, for all the driving we did, by the time we did sit down to eat, we could have just waited there. We ended up eating at this place called Taco Taco Cafe and waited in line there too, but not for long. The food was good. We took the kids to the movies from there. I'm sad to say that Madagascar 2 was not all I had hoped it would be :( It was funny, but in my opinion, not as funny as the first one. And too much "adult humor" I think. I know small kids don't "get it", but I bet there are some that do. The kids seemed to like it though. Other than that, we didn't do much. Oh, we took the kids to Toys R Us so that Mikey could pick a toy because this morning...we actually got him to POOP in the potty!! Yep, I know it's only one time, but this is a BIG deal!! I wonder what it is with Mikey and pooping on the potty. He will swear up and down that he doesn't have to poop and then go hide somewhere and do his business to avoid sitting on the toilet. He will sit there to pee so I don't think it's a fear of the toilet. I don't know, but speaking for myself...LOL..I'd rather just "go" in the potty than have all that "stuff" smeared all over me! LOL Yeah, that sounded gross!! But really!! I don't get it!! Like just GO ALREADY!! LOL Hopefully this will be the beginning of getting him out of his pullups. They are pretty pricey and I'm tired of wiping butts! LOL Oh anyway, Mikey got some Play Doh set and of course, then I had to let Lij pick something and he got some kind of Ipet speaker thing that's a penguin and you can plug your Ipod into it and it lights up and stuff. I don't know what it is! LOL But he did, so whatever! Then we just did our grocery shopping and came home and ate dinner and just chilled. Right now, the kids are watching tv and I'm getting kind of sleepy so I'm going to be heading off to bed in a bit. So, good night :)

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shopgirlaudi said...

OMG!!! Mikey pooped in the potty!!! That IS some news. Good idea on the reward. Hopefully he'll go again.