Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 2

So I successfully did my workout today. 30 minutes at a 3.0 incline. The last four, I took the incline down to 0 for a cool down and alternately ran and walked. I couldn't do the full four minutes straight today and I didn't push myself to either which I think I normally would have. If I was hurting, I would have forced myself to go on anyway. No today. It did hurt a little today, but nothing major. I guess just normal getting back into exercising stuff.
Anywho...I wanted to scrap today. I keep feeling the "urge", but I'm just not getting excited about it. I know there have been times when I start on a page with something in mind and as I'm working...ideas keep coming as far as what to put where and "oh, I can use that new this and that" and everything just seems to "flow" and it's all happy and fun. Well, it hasn't felt that way lately even though I've done a few pages I really love. And I'm wondering why. I've gotten sooo many cool, new things from the birthday club or stuff I've bought that I'm dying to use, but then I just don't. Sometimes I wonder too, if maybe it's that I have SO many products and papers and stuff to choose from that it's hard to pick so then it becomes a tedious process instead of a fun hobby. I know that by comparison, there are probably people who have a TON more stuff than I do, but maybe I've just feeling overwhelmed with what I have...not sure. Anyone else ever feel like this? If so, how do you get around it or how do you get out of your rut and back into LOVING this hobby? I need some ideas.
Hmm...what else? Nothing right now. Might go eat some lunch or take a nap or watch some tv...something. Thanks for the vent :)

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shopgirlaudi said...

I have been in a big rut too. No scrappy mojo what so ever:( I wonder where the mojo is if he's not with me OR you...he must have lost his way:(