Monday, November 12, 2007

Pumpkins and Scarecrows

Okay, so this year, Miguel did not bring home his usual "army" of huge pumpkins!! :( Which I was very sad about because I didn't get to take pics of the kids with them and had already told my sis and others to come take their pumpkin pics here. He did bring home a lot of smaller pumpkins that we had lined the walkway with. Anyway, I had also not gotten my scarecrows for the front lawn either because I just kept forgetting and then when I finally did remember, there weren't any left in the stores! :( This past weekend, me and my sis went and did some shopping on Saturday and we went to Big Lots where I was sooo happy to find that they had a ton of scarecrows and they were HALF OFF so I got a couple! YAY! I had also gotten some stuff on sale at Wal Mart last week and made a really pretty fall wreath for my front door. Anyway, I took the kids out front today after Lij got home from school and took some pics of them and they didn't come out half bad! At least I got my fall pics and the scrapbooker in me is satisfied :)

A couple of pics of me and Miguel on Saturday night. It was our date night! :)


shopgirlaudi said...

Miguel is a dork!!! :) I LOVE your wreath and you got some cute pics of the kids. At least Mikey wasn't trying to eat the pumpkin like last year:) LOL

GINAJAM said...

You sure have some handsome men in your life!!

THose layouts on your earier post are GREAT! The one with the Creative Cafe is awesome!! I love that stuff. And as far as I know, it does get changed out every so often...not sure when tho!!

Have a good crop tonight...looking forward to all of your layouts!!

Estee said...

Your kids are gorgeous!! And look at how cute you and Miguel are!!! Love the pictures! I hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!