Monday, March 5, 2007

My Scrap Room

Here are some recent pictures of my scraproom. I put my tables up on bed risers because I wasn't getting much accomplished sitting in a chair with my two year old climbing on my chair and up on my table! I really love standing up to scrap and don't know how I ever did it any other way. It's much easier for moving around the room and getting stuff! I really like it. I plan on painting my room in the next coming week when Miguel is on vacation. I'm not sure on the color yet. I have alot of black accents so I want it to work with that. Maybe I could do the whole pink, black and white theme I originally wanted! YEAH! That would be so pretty! I'd need to change out my curtains though. I'll post pics when it's done!


Tammy said...

I love your room Laura, but I'm too lazy to stand and scrap, LOL!! I have seen others do this though, stand to scrap, and at least you are keeping Monkey off of the table right?? You should put close up pictures of the things you have on your wall, they are all so gorgeous, especially that one where you told me you still have to put the journaling on, oooo I love that one, I want to scraplift it!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Okay now I want to see what tammy is talking about.

Love your room too, plenty of room and i think pink and black and white would look awesome. Can't wait to see it done, make sure you keep us updated.