Monday, March 5, 2007

A Few Challenges

I'm participating in a month long challenge on my "secret scrapbook site" and I just finished my first two challenges. One was a LO sketch challenge. We were given a sketch and had to complete a LO using it. The other "mini challenge" was also a sketch challenge, but we had to make a tag from it. I'm pretty happy with what I came up with. I'm going to use the tag in something that I'm making for my twin sis!


Tammy said...

I think we need to start our own secret scrapbook club and we can like make tents with sheets and we can hide under them and scrapbook, and it will be a secret clubhouse... lol

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Hey I am with Tammy a secret clubhouse LOL.

Love the tag and the page it's awesome girl.

I think I need to lift that tag it's just perfect.

Jill said...

hi there! I randomly came across your blog through elsies blog and I think your work is amazing!

I was wondering if you knew of any great challenge websites? I can't seem to find any that are for the more "advanced" scrapbooker.

thanks for your help :)