Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

I think my scrappy mojo comes in spurts. I'm sure it's like that for everyone. And some days I'm just "itching" to create, but I have no scrapiness in me AT. ALL. I felt like that last night, and while I didn't crank out any pages, I did alter this half sized binder and I think it turned out SUPER cute! I used a calender I had just ordered off Ebay. There are a few ppl who I follow on You Tube (watch their scrappy vids) and this one particular woman had THE CUTEST images on the wall behind her! Turned out she just tore out sheets from a calender she got (Gorjuss girls), so I searched for it and bought it from the same seller...$4 and free shipping! The images are just TOO cute! I love all the different little girls! I am definitely going to cut out alot of those images and use them in different ways. I want to frame at least a couple for my scrappy area too. Anyway, so I used a cute little image of a girl with an umbrella and then I remembered that I had downloaded a free digital scrapbooking kit from...can't remember where, but I remembered it had the cutest quote about rain and rainbows, so it all came together perfectly! Oh, and I just happened to have a couple of sheets of the Crate Seasons collection which just happened to have...yep, rainbows! I just LOVE the way it turned out! I don't know what I'm going to put in it, but for now, it's just sitting on top of my scrap table where I can admire it! :D

Also got a couple of 7 Gypsies stamp sets off of ETSY for CHEAP and CHEAP shipping too! I am loving me some ETSY these days. Alot of these sellers have awesome scrapbooking product and I love that they don't have the same insane shipping charges as some of the scrapbooking sites. I have two different 7 Gyspsies sets coming to me from a different seller in a couple of days. I plan on making some embellishment tags w/them. I'll post pics when I get some done :)

Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment....eeek. About a week and a half back, my bestie and I went to the movies to see "Something Borrowed" which btw, is an awesome movie. Read the book first, loved it, then saw the movie. Loved that too. Anyway, we got popcorn and I kid you not...it was my FIRST handful...movie had JUST started and I CRACK A TOOTH on a darned popcorn kernel! At first, I thought I just had a piece of popcorn stuck in there somewhere, but the more I messed with it and felt it with my tongue, I knew something wasn't right! Thank you, God that it did not hurt...still does not hurt, but I'm going to need a root canal and a crown put on it which is going to take a couple of visits AND be pricey! :( :( SO sad about that! But...what are you gonna do? It needs to be done. I'm not crazy about the dentist as I'm sure alot of people aren't so please send some good vibes my way tomorrow please :)

What else?? Not much else going on here....will try to keep this blog up better, but no promises :)

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Charity said...

cute stuff....hope the dentist went well.
By the way....Keandra Rachelle Kelly Theresa Perkins Willis sent me over to leave you some love...better check out her blog post ;)