Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year In Review

My goodness has it been THAT long since I've updated my blog? I will not bore you with excuses because frankly, I'm just lazy! lol And I won't promise that I will be better at keeping it up because I probably won't! Ha! Anywho...since the end of another year is drawing near, I figured I'd do a whole "year in review" post....just touch on some stuff that has happened this past year. It probably won't be too exciting, but it will be nice to look back in another years time and remember everything that took place in 2010. I hope everyone has a great New Year. Be safe and I hope 2011 holds nothing but good things for you :)

**Most importantly, or at least the first thing that comes to mind...WE GOT MARRIED!! HUGE milestone! After almost 7 years of living together, it finally happened. I used to think "What the heck is he waiting for?" "Why haven't we done it yet?" ect,ect, but looking back now, I think it happened right when it should have. I have to remember that things happen in God's time...not mine :)

**Mikey started Kindergarten. He LOVES school and thank you, God..we LOVE the school he goes to. We were very nervous about what the school he was going to attend on this side of town would be like, but it is a newly renovated school, so it looks NEW and it's very nice and so problems.

**Sticking w/the school theme, Lij started a public middle school. He came home (thank you, God) and now I get to see him EVERY day and be part of his school stuff and I know what is going on w/him and his grades and all that good stuff. It is such a blessing to see his smiling face afterschool each day and hear all about his day. I can't tell you how much I was missing that. He did a few years of private Catholic school and stayed with his dad, but now he's home for good :)

**We got a dog! :) We had always talked about getting one and one day, Max just came into our lives. I'm not kidding...I always thought it was a bit weird when people talked about their pets like they were kids and went on and on about them, but I TOTALLY understand now. That little dog (and mind you, he is NOT little stole my heart from the minute I laid eyes on him and I just LOVE him to pieces! So much so that it makes my heart ache sometimes! He is definitely a member of the family :)

**We got a new car! Well, not "new" to us :) And it's funny how they say "ask and you shall receive". Well, we had been thinking we needed a new vehicle...our little Ford truck was on it's last leg so to speak and TOOOO small to fit us all. And one day, Miguel comes home and says that his dad found a little...gosh I forget what the heck it's an SUV typish vehicle..anyway..for CHEAP. And he paid half and we paid half. It was truly an unexpected blessing. Thank you, God for always providing for us :)

See, I only listed a few things and already I can't think of anything else! lol Honestly, alot of the year was spent planning for the wedding. It all seems like such a blur now! But it was a good year. Any time that we are blessed with is good. Any time that we get to spend together as a family, time that Miguel and I get to spend alone..time in general is very precious because you never know how much of it you have. We are not promised "x" amount of time, so we must make the most of every day. Let's see..the new year, I hope that the kids continue to do well in school, that they both continue to like their schools and make new friends and be an example of goodness because God knows this world needs it. I hope that Miguel and I still continue to grow closer despite our ups and downs, that our trials make us stronger and that we become each others best friend :) I hope that we all continue our walk with God, that we never stop wanting to know Him, to get close to Him. I hope that we are examples of his love, that we are a blessing in His name to others, and that He continues to work in us and make us the people He wants us to be. Happy New Year everyone :)

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