Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My goodness, have I gotten bad about keeping up my blog! There just never seems to be enough time to do everything I need/want to do! Even with Mikey in school now, the days just seem to FLY by and before I know it, he's coming home and I can't be as productive.
I've been doing some scrapping...finally got out of my rut...YAY! I have about 5 pages to share, but unfortunately, our computer has a virus....AGAIN! And the Kodak software I use to upload my pics isn't working. I sure hope it's only disabled and all my pics have not been wiped out. I would be DEVASTED to say the least! I'm kind of upset because I know it was Lij who downloaded some music off an unsecure site and now we have to pay to get it cleaned when we just did the same thing about a month and a half ago. But what can you do? I NEEDS my computer! lol

I've also been purging alot lately. Cleaning out the closet, looking thru the kids' clothes, ect. It feels too crowded here at my mom's and I feel the need to minimalize. Did I say that right? Or is it minimize? Whatever...I need to get rid of stuff! lol
What else? Geez! I can't even think of anything to write boring is that? My life is so exciting, huh? I promise to go out and do something adventurous and then, I probably won't do that! :)
Gosh, Max is getting SO big. I have pics of him to share too! The last time we took him to the vet (about a week ago), he weighed in at 38 lbs! And the woman we got him from said he'd only get to be about 24! YEAH RIGHT! I think he's got a whole lot more Lab in him than Shnauzer! But I just LOVE him to death! I gave him a bath today and he's gotten SO good about it. Just sits there and lets me scrub him. Towards the end, I think he got a little tired of being good and wanted out of the shower, but overall a HUGE improvement from before. We have an appt next week to get him "fixed". I hope he does okay w/that.
Well, I hope we can get our computer fixed soon...I'm hoping next weekend after all our other bills are paid. Then I'll be sure to upload some pics :) More later!


A Soldier Girl said...

you cracked me up .. did you do anything adventurous yet and THANK YOU for commenting on my blog ..

es said...

Boring...boring...why is this so boring??? LOL...Remember when we...oh, no...wait...that wasn't it, it was the Little Rascals...ha ha ha...We NEED to hang out soon. I'm going nutty over here too;)