Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dum, dum, de, dum.....

Yep, this is what we do when we go shopping at Hobby Lobby! My sis was looking for some beaded garland stuff and corsage pins and we ended up in the bridal stuff aisle and decided to have a little fun! Thank God I carry my camera EVERYWHERE! Awww...look at us..makes me want to have a BIG wedding!!

And check out that rock!! LOL :)

My sis and I hit up Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Scrapbook Heaven and Big Lots and look at the GREAT loot we got there!! American Crafts matchbook rubons for TWO bucks!!! Those things sell at HL or SB 911 for at least $10!! Also found some AC stickers for a buck and those cute Heidi Grace stick pins for a buck!

Here's a LO I did using some silly pics I took of my sis a while back. Well, she thinks the pics are silly...I think she looks really cute! I love the way it came out. I lifted it off of 2 Peas.

Here's a LO I did for one of the last Sneaky challenges. I love these pics of Miguel!

After I did a bit of cleaning up today, I decided to take the kids for a little walk to the school. I had wanted to let them play in the little playground, but the gate had a lock on it and I didn't want to cross them over the gate. Instead we just walked all around the school and the middle school right next to it. It is such a nice day today!! Not a cloud in the sky, not too hot..not too cold...nice little breeze. It was a great day for walking! I got a couple of really good shots of the kids! :)

Well, the kids are driving me nuts and I need to go downstairs to get them fed. I am hoping that I can have some time to scrap after buying all those goodies yesterday. I did some cleaning...I deserve it!! :)


mel said...

Wow, I opened this page and thought you and Miguel were getting married and you somehow forgot to tell me that when we were chatting yesterday!! Then I read on. :) Really cute pics. Are you going to do a LO with them?

And of course the LOs are great. I got my first LO mostly done of Kelly's first month. I thought I might take a pic of it later and see what you think I could add. It's pretty plain. Maybe I will catch you on IM later.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

two bucks for AC rub on's I swear i am living in the wrong country

ewwww and can i be a flower girl at this big wedding you girls are having at hobby lobby LMFAO