Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another LO

I managed to do one LO today. I always feel so cruddy when I can't scrap...don't know why. These past couple of days though, I've been in a creative funk though. It took me FOREVER to crank out those last two LOs that I really liked. For some reason...I'm "wanting" to scrap, but just not "feeling it" :( :( My sis however has been scrapping like crazy! Maybe she can be kind enough to pass me some of that scrappy mojo over here :)

Mikey said something funny today. We were in my scraproom and I was scrapping and he was sitting across the table from me watching a movie on the DVD player. I kept hearing him make some "noises" and I asked him if he needed to go use the potty. I'm not potty training him at the moment. I mean, I had a couple months back and he did really good with the peeing, but only when I would take him every 15 minutes. He wouldn't tell me on his own if he had to go between then and he'd just pee in his pull up. So, seeing how those darn things are kind of pricey, I just figured I'd wait a while longer and then try again. I got him a little box with 3 books for Easter about a bunny and they are all about different things he needs to learn like brushing his teeth, getting dressed (which he can do already) and going "poop" in the potty! So funny because that book is called "Plop"...LOL Yes, I think it's funny!! LOL So it comes with a chart and you get to put a sticker every time you do one of the things so I keep telling him that if he poops in the potty, he will get a sticker and then he can wear his Wiggles underwear or we can get him some Sponge Bob ones. ANYWAY, back to my story. So I keep asking him because he continues to make the noises. So I get up and check inside his diaper and nothing. Again..."Mikey, do you have to poop?" He tells me no. "Are you sure?" Again..."no". "If you need to go, tell me...." I guess he got tired of me asking because he says..."MOM, TRUST me!" LMBO!! I just KNOW he had to have picked that up from Elijah! I thought it was so funny! So, here's the LO I did. I'm pretty happy with it and I think the pic is really cute even though Mikey is a bit blurry and Lij looks like he has no body after I turned the pic to black and white and photo edited it a bit! LOL Oh well! :)

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betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Love that layout - so 'homespun'!